April 17, 2020

Well being

by Douglas Blaine Matthews (author's profile)



Dear Readers,

Hey. I hope you are doing well!

Today, I'll tell you about a circumstance that suggests the system doesn't give a damn about my well-being or life...can you hear the sarcasm as I say that?

This past Friday, the assistant wardens did a round asking if we had any questions about COVID-19. I asked them for a minute of their time; they stopped to hear me out. I then began explaining the virus or infection in my lungs I've been fighting since the beginning of January. And that medical hasn't done anything to help. That they won't put me on antibiotics to get rid of it, no chest X-ray to see how bad it is...They just keep treating it like it's a simple cold...colds don't last for 2 1/2 months! I explained this complicates my health and when COVID-19 makes its way here, my risk of death is much greater because my respiratory system is compromised.

Throughout me explaining this to them, they interrupted me 3 times informing me, incorrectly, that this had nothing to do with COVID-19. I'd tell them it does because of the risk factor and I'd finish explaining. In the end, I asked for help getting rid of this virus/infection in my lungs and their 3rd and final statement was, "That's not a question about COVID-19."

So...It greatly saddens me that they don't care about my quality of life or if I live or die...How's my sarcasm?

If I don't get proper treatment this week, I'll file a grievance on it. Maybe I'll get proper treatment then...

If your curious of what symptoms I had/have, they are the following as written on my sick call medical request forms.

-January 14, 2020 -- Pressure in my head, eyes, ears, jaw. Sore/red throat. Hard to swallow. Aching all over my body. Nausea, weariness + short of breath. Started 10-12 days before this sick call submission.

Jan. 29, 2020 -- After treatment, I was left with sore/red throat and chest irritation. Coughing up bright green phlegm.

February 15, 2020 -- Coughing, chest airway irritation, sore throat, body aches, headaches + pressure, and coughing up green phlegm. And my heart's rhythm is messing up.

March 2, 2020 -- I missed this sick call callout. I thought if I went to yard and ran, sweating it out, it would help me get better. I was wrong. Thus...the following.

March 5, 2020 -- Still bringing up green phlegm every morning and the rest of the day, it's white. I'll bring it up 50, or more, times a day. Cardiac issues, fatigue, short of breath, lightheadness when standing, pressure in head, face + ears and heart rhythm. I've been sick for 2 months now and your treatments haven't worked. Please treat me with something that'll cure me of this virus or infection

Now, it is March 29th and I still haven't seen the doctor. Even though I've been told I'm on the list since January. Correction, he's not a doctor, he's a physician's assistant. It's rare that I see an actual doctor. It's been years.

What strikes me as the most concerning is not that they won't treat me. But the timing of me getting sick.

Do you remember the blog I posted in Jan. of Off. Cosby putting his hands on me? That very day, he was escorting me to medical when that happened. Him + Sgt. Olive both heard the P.A. prescribe me an "immunosuppressant" drug called methylprednisolone. The day after, I got sick after eating dinner. Just an itchy throat though. But it's indicative of just contracting an infection or virus. 2 days later, same thing happened. And then, the nurse brought me my meds(the immunosuppressant) that following day, I got ill. Now, on all those days, Off. Cosby passed out the evening chow(supper), and when the nurse gave me my meds, he was with her, he "never" worded my wing til then. He's always been on the administration crew. And now, everyday I get sick, he's working......Coincidence??? I don't know.

The reason the medication plays a role in this is because it's a medicine that uses the immune system to fight of inflammation in the body. I had tendonitis in my shoulder. When on this drug, and for some time after, the immune system is weakened. So much that even the flu can kill someone who is as healthy as an Olympic athlete. Without medical attention. And it just so happens -- medical won't treat me. So...coincidence creates the perfect brew? Or conspiracy to kill me? And now all they have to do is wait for COVID-19 to get here to take me out. The perfect storm. If it does...Now you know what happened. They say it's not in the Florida D.O.C....I think that's a lie meant to keep cost down. And other things out of public view...

Until next time.

Yours truly,


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.


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