May 18, 2020

Gracious greetings

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Date 5/5/2020 10:01:37 AM
Subject: May 5,2020

Gracious greeting 2 those reading this...
Glad 2 meet Ur acquaintance...

2 Charlie Mac
Happy Birthday!

2 somebody
Happy Cinco Do Mayo

Beyond that just wanted 2 record a dream I had,so amazing I tried 2 redream it!
Yeah like that ever happens!
Not sure Y U can't though?
Maybe its just me!
Have yet 2 be able 2 return 2 a dream after being awoken or after dreaming it...
In this dream
I was in some kind of hilly snow capped mountainous land that U only see in movies. Despite the snow the weather felt summerish,so I didn't have my coat neither did my daughter,who had wrapped her self around me like 5 year olds do! This came from her natural anxiety of being harmed as we were in the process of being surrounded by hordes of groups of goons adorning attire similar 2 those in the Lord of the Rings franchises.
Well in a swoop they all descended on us!
That's when the miracle happened!
As they were within 5 feet of us the leader of one herd said,"where'd they go? They were right here in front of us!"
He n all the members of the individual clusters then began 2 gaze around searching 4 me and my lovely daughters whereabouts!
However WE stood boldly huddled together in the middle of them!
"This is truly odd",I pondered,they can't see us! but here I am looking them squarely in the face!?"
Like in the movies, the camera zoomed in n then swirled around us giving the audience a view of the shocked n flabbergasted pursuers.
In my heart n soul all I could silently proclaim in the depths of my spirit was,"what a God we serve. U said trouble would be all around us but not come near us. What a God?" In addition I couldn't help but feel/experience the love 4 me n Priska that God has in His heart, even despite our repeated attempts n desires 2 always get it right!

As I shared the gift of the dream with a brother in Christ he reminded me of the time Elisha smote his pursuers with blindness! (4 those interested the story is encapsulated in the Bible - 2nd King chapter 6 versus 8-23 or U can just read verse 18!)

Thanks for listening

Thank U 2 whoever transcribes this post
Great job
U the best

Shout out 2
Students at UW-Platteville
Nice meeting y'all
Hope 2 see y'all again
Specially those I just met 2 weeks b4 the lockdown
Just when I was bout 2 learn some gardening!
Miss my lil cucumber plant...


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