May 21, 2020

Surviving Covid 19

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Date: 5/11/2020 5:27:31 AM Subject: Surving Covid 19
Smile, My goal is 2 bring inspiration, motivation, encouragement, or what have U
Wrote bout this subject several times but failed each time 2 articulate what was originally in my heart 2 say... But here goes I want 2 call it
HOW I SURVIVED 23years of SELF N SOCIETAL IMPOSED QUARANTINE Here goes, I'll just ramble
I survived by... Minding my own business Walking in love,best I can figure out how as I'm still coming round 2 know it, personally Giving myself n others their space Creating recipes Baking Holding myself accountable Fulfilling n taking responsibilities Eating healthy. Peanuts water less processed prison food Exercising, even if its 2 minutes here n there Meeting people in the middle/compromise! Getting peoples story's, which helps in my dealing with them Go 4 walks with God in my cell courtyard on the way 2 somewhere
Singing Listening 2 music Washing my face at any hour of the day 4 a refreshing!
Taking a spontaneous shower Hugging myself Saying "good morning" 2 others all during the day Serving others, even when its frustrating! N make me wanna tap out cause I don't get served n get mistreated while serving! Apologizing 2 myself n others I hurt n doing it ASAP! In here Learning Studying Philosophising Thinking Meeting people Self-discipline Self-motivation Solitude
Enjoying silence Being mindful of others, they strengths n weaknesses Taking time 2 DO NOTHING Reading Relaxing Watching TV Being silly Spending time with my inner child, like eating an apple with peanut butter,doodling, remembering cartoons,forts girls,etc Laugh Smile Demanding alone time n making it Praying. Using it as an appropriate punching bag Speaking Internally fighting the osmosis of my external atmosphere that I despises Unlearning words,mannerisms, selfishness, impulsive expressions of rage, the definition of manhood Designing Coloring Redesigning the space I got in the cell Figuring out Who is God? N Y is He important? Spring cleaning Schedules Switching routines up like which end of the bed I sleep in Flipping my diet Meditation Silently fuming Dreaming Visions/vision boarding Inventing Playing ball, even by myself Rereading old letters Doing something new Book clubs Writing groups Correspondence courses Fantasizing Providing a listening ear Working various jobs Volunteering Helping those in need Surprising people with gifts Baking birthday cakes
Giving advice,wise counsel - I think
Journaling my life story 4 my daughter Planning Making travel plans Finding out who I am cause Ur core identity dictates everything! Taking personality n spiritual gift tests Soul searching Learning my likes n dislikes Honing my gifts n talents Trying 2 consistently do what Jesus did!!!!!!!!!!
Oddly enuff there's correlations between prison n quarantine Incarceration is unnatural! N not 4 nobody Eventually we all want 2 B FREE N Return 2 NORMALCY Constantly asking When will this B over? Yet when its over the temptation will B 2 run a muck! N make up 4 lost times! N do things we never done b4 just 2 say we done em just 2 b able 2 know we didn't live life without such n such experience. Feel me?
So when this is over remember 2 stay focused Stay on the up n up Don't get big headed! Make ur return 2 the Free World slowly but surely Use what u have learned bout urself n others 2 society's advantage (none of us r the easyest 2 get along with!) Go places B mindful Tell someone, "Good morning!" In the afternoon! B kind B forgiving B understanding B peaceful B the best U B love


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