July 4, 2020

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Surviving Covid 19
(May 21, 2020)


Date: 6/25/2020 7:43:31 PM
Subject: Reply ID:cvdx

Good afternoon, SocialJusticeisBiblicallybased
1st all
Love the name
Agree with the concept
Definitely hardwork!
Like at the moment, I'm trying 2 ignore, overcome the mental images that R provoked by the yelling n screaming that accompanys the provocative theme of the Jerry Springer show! Nuff said.
So I grabbed my tablet, put on some music n decided 2 finally respond 2 Ur thoughtful n loving words of encouragement
Thank u

Preciate the highly meaningful compliment
Guess it was carefully prepared n speaking highly on the conclusion 4 humans known as love! Trying 2 get there myself. Like I mentioned I don't know love 1st hand so much! Prison promotes H8 pretty much! No kindness, love, compassion, mercy, grace, 4giveness, or loving kindness round these parts! So 2 embody love n dispense it, is a fight in itself! I have gotten it wrong more than I've gotten it right! Sometimes thought I was walking in love but it was actually pride n ego n showmanship n seeking mans approval/pat on the back!
God has since been maturing me.
So b it.
Selfless love is way harder than shallow love No wonder most of us choose superficial love over intimate Jesus type love! Love is easier from a distance! Love is realer when its face 2 face. Jesus actually touched lepers. Quite sure he hugged them 2! Take Jesus 2 get me there

Thanks 4 the uplifting words. Lord knows at times I be in the dumps cause of my heart attitude. Being surrounds by foolishness 24/7 takes a toll. Ask Lot! Seems no one wants Jesus as they cure all! Seems they comfortable with stress, worry, anxiety, trying 2 playgod over themselves others! Ouch!!! Ask me how I know!!!!

Oddly enuff had just penned in my diary that I need 2 focus on reaching 1 then Ur letter came calling me successful. Look at god :) Reminds me how in spite of Davids sin with Bathsheba he was referred 2 as a man after gods own heart. God sees us better than we see ourselves. God used u 2 tell me

2 times
So it must b true!!!

I pray peace follows me n that Mercy covers me like a blanket as well

Pray love becomes me!!!

Ur social justice n u r now 4ever in my prayers. May god bless u with the wisdom n direction 4 ur ministry.
Jeremiah 10:23,24

U will do great things n succeed.




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