July 5, 2020

Quotes from my heart

From Lessons Learned by Antoine Murphy (author's profile)


Date: 6/25/2020 7:45:31 PM
Subject: Quotes from my heart

Not bout how life treat U but how U respond 2 it
Faith increases with obedience n decreases with disobedience
4giveness reminds the offender "U still have value."
Patience has everything 2 do with it
Ur mouth defines U
Faith expresses itself thru prayer, worship, praise, obedience, surrender, love, 4giveness
Love misdefined is love misexpressed
2 half's don't make a whole, actually make a hole 4 us 2 B buryd in
Can lead a horse 2 water, but can't make him drink, but maybe if U leave him there long enuff
he'll figure it out
The best way 2 not get caught doing something is not 2 do it in the 1st place
My problem with thee - is my problem with me
Ur own reality tells U Ur truths R a lie
Love gives expecting love in return
Discipline develops patience
Trying 2 kill me only kills U
Not perfection but progression
Baptism publicly identity's U with God: continue 2 publicly identify with Him
Destiny doesn't believe in luck
If U look up U can't see down
I don't believe in "hope 4 the best, but prepare 4 the worst"; see U ultimately get what U prepared 4, so..." Hope 4 the best n prepare 4 it"
We born broke n die broker
When U become Chief, remember - U still an Indian
Can't hit the game winner from the bench
Our hindsight is always 20/20 cause we view it only from selfish lenses
4get proving them wrong - Prove itself right
Love is the best character trait
Those who duck n dodge responsibility always criticizing those who don't.
Sometimes U fall cause U like getting up!
Lust is temporary; Love is eternal
U can't follow a parked car
Y is it those who bring nothing 2 the table always eat the most?!
Love needs storms 2 survive
How u gone get it if you can't get it where u got it from?
If I let u eat me outta house n home we both will b homeless
It's OK 2 b appropriately busy
We selfishly assume everybody think like us, envision, rationalize, possess the same intellectual information as we do 2 make choices we have or would make
Love is a continuous pursuit
Sometimes the best coping mechanism is a attitude adjustment
I can't hold U 2 a standard U don't hold Urself 2
U only hear what U listen 4
If U depend on people U'll wind up disapointed
Just because people use the same words don't mean they got the same definition
Who U R in the dark says more about U than who U R in the light
Dreams were meant 2 B pursued n achieved
I value me
There's never a good enuff reason 2 quit
4 every reason 2 quit, there's 2 reasons 2 keep going, what R Urs?
Sometimes U have 2 put on golden gloves n knock on opportunities door!
OBSERVATION chapter? title?
A homeless person still lives homeless with a roof over his head
Just because U added, deleted, n or changed a word in my story don't make U the coauthor!
Tie doesn't heal all wounds, wisdom does
Contentment is based on being able 2 distinguish needs from wants
The wages of love=eternal life
Embrace Ur blessedness
Impatience makes the wait longer
Obedience is the best worship
If I spend all my time being U, I ain't gone have time 2 b myself
The 1st lesson I learned as a Leader is - I must 1st lead myself, after all if I can't me how can I lead U?
Making wise choices makes U wiser
Observation rules the nation
Lines were created 2 teach us patience
Never B 1st
Anytime spent with God is not wasted time
Church starts at home
Angels never age, Ur an Angel
Life it happens 2 us all
If the apple don't fall from the tree, change the tree
We focus so much on God knowing who we R in this present moment that it keeps us from living in the fact that God knows who we can b in future moments of our lives.
U don't know the future 2 B complaining about it.
They say if u don't stand 4 something ull fall 4 nething; on the flip side if u stand 4 nething! Ull ultimately fall 4 nothing!


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