July 16, 2020

Devotional July 8

From Lessons Learned by Antoine Murphy (author's profile)


Date: 7/9/2020 2:57:32 PM

Boy was I excited! So much so I glided back 2 my cell n verified that the money I put on the tablet was officially on it. Yup! I now had $5.90! I excited Accounts n headed directly 2 Media store. But that's when things went awry!

Opening n closing its eyes my screen just kept flashing Edge Mini Player 7. Far from technologically smart, I went into panic mode, especially as the device repeatedly failed 2 adhere 2 my aggressive pushing of the "on/off" button as well as the "+/-" volume one! Panicking I grabbed the dangling cord n plugged in my charger. Nothing! Frustrated I did this several times, all 2 no avail.

Again I played with the available buttons, even flipped the tablet over n shook it a lil bit.

More nothing!


Holding it in my hand I noticed it was piping hot! "What if it catches fire? Seen several story's of cell phones spontaneously exploding! What if tablets do the same?"

Fearing this I unplugged it, then removed the Orange state-issued hat off my lamp which I have located conveniently at the foot of my bed, 10" down the street from my tablet. 2 flammable 2 risk to it. Also made sure the device was away from cable cords n the dangling ropes of the power strip n extension cord belonging 2 my upper bunky.

Okay. Now what?

Placed the device inside the grey crocheted case I was in the process of making 4 someone else when I got called 2 Property n blessed with my very own tablet

God bless my brother.

Worried I checked the status ever so often, more like every 2 minutes! Course that ended the moment the screen went pitch black with a speck of white gigabytes in the middle!


Its gone b a long night.

All I could think bout was who I was gone send it 2! Lord knows I didn't want 2 pay all the fees associated with sending it out 4 repairs. Then I could b transferred any day now n it'd b just like the system 2 "loose" it

Anyway, all night it laid there - ON!, with its weird bluish illumination drawing attention 2 the area under my TV shelf.

In the morning, I sought God's guidance on what 2 do? B4 He gave the answer, my heart had the pleasure of being flooded with teachable thoughts...

"Problem with idols is they die. N we do our best 2 keep them alive long as (humanly) possible-if replace it? In addition idols b needing repairs n upkeep, which always has a price affixed. Then more burdensome is the reality that idols have 2 b protected from theft, being vandalized n the like. But that will never b the case with God.

Jesus, who is Lord, can't b lost stolen, vandalized, burned down, hacked, held 4 ransom, replaced, Nor does He ever need repairs or upkeep. Amen.

After schooling me in this, God provided the answer 2 my prayers. "Ask Molina 4 the address 2 send it 2 4 repairs."

Like 6:45 am I did so! When I told him Y he smiled n said simply, "u just gotta hit the "reset" button! between the headphone jack n the charger slot." N luckily 4 me he even offered 2 do it. Now, this tablet is back 2 normal n even moving at warp speed like it did fresh out the box. Look at God!

During this whole ordeal, when I thought it was dead, I kept acknowledging, "this will work 4 my Spiritual good." How true it is as this devotional came out of it. Not 2 mentioned I vowed 2 keep this electronic device in its proper perspective. Lord knows I know how 2 use it, 2 tune people, out.

No more.

Now I'm striving 2 make myself available

That's what Jesus would do...

That's what Jesus did...

Made Himself available.


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GN22 Posted 6 months, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 5 months, 4 weeks ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

Stay safe and healthy.

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