Dec. 6, 2020


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Date 11/29/2020 8:01:33 PM
Subject: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
2 family, friends, associate's, those transcribing n those reading this post
I'm truly thankful 4 U all
U all keep me encouraged, inspired, motivated, focused n grounded on what I should b doing as
opposed 2 what my selfish self sometimes wants 2 do.
Truly U all have been with me through this pilgrimage known as humanity.
Heart felt thank U's

I never really know what 2 day
my heart will do the talking...
as I feel the desire 2 simply blog bout my day
Here goes...

Thanksgiving started at ruffly 2:50am as I was awaken by 1 of my cellys need 2 go 2 the bathroom. Seeing we on lock down we can't freely go use the facilities like normal! Meaning if u don't go when yo celly go u might b holding it 4 like an hour! So bathroom it is.
Upon return I grabbed the tablet n set the alarm. Knew I dog tired, still! n that this implemented wisdom was god answering my prayer 4 a wake up call! Yup b4 there was Alexa! there was God waking people up! at the chosen or required time. N Y not, He the Maker of time !!!
So 4:33am I managed 2 get outta bed n prepare 4 my "job" in the kitchen as of Tuesday! B4 heading out I took a glance at some wisdom in Proverbs 9
Didn't tell anybody happy Thanksgiving, nothing personal just was highly focused on working n getting out of there ASAP. All business. Everybody must have been thinking the same thing cause nobody told me it either. Fine by me. Never been real big on holidays! Were normal days 2 me. Play ball, meet girls, go 2 Mickey D's, kick it.... Closest thing 2 celebration was going 2 Grams house 4 a plate! Moms cooked but the more the merrier. Yup I can eat! Don't let my 133.7lbs fool ya!?! Specially devour Moms greens, jiffy cornbread, stuffing n cranberry sauce, potato salad n Dream cake. Yum.

Course my current residency didn't serve a meal that was even. Yeah we been on bag meals 4 breakfast, lunch, n dinner! since November 1st. So our Thanksgiving meal was
1 chopped turkey sandwich
a chocolate milk
bag of Cheetos
a banana
a piece of pumpkin bar
Wanted 2 eat the Cheetos but just couldn't! See as I ate Cocoa Puffs 4 breakfast I could feel my gums tearing! So much so took time time 2 run my tongue along the hole that was forming exposing my jaw bone where a tooth used 2 b! Sucks when u have 2 eat on one side of ur mouth, n its the side with a lower missing tooth. Gots 2 take time 2 let the hole fill its self.
Good thing I got some soft food 2 eat! Rice meat melted cheese n tortilla shells. Thankful Robby agreed 2 cook! We come our 4 half an hour once this emergency count clear so he gone cook it then. Then I'm gone lay up n watch aquaman or this Keanu Reeves movie bout Japan or something! Think I'm leaning towards that one, never been big on comic movies.

Work was alright!
Had a conversation with a supervisor n was able 2 inform her bout some workplace nuances I highly disagreed with. Like them not introducing theyself, not getting our names, not showing us how 2 do things, yet yelling at us when we do it wrong!

Its been days since I started this n don't recall where I was headed....

Do know that I'm most Thankful that I got 2 talk 2 to my daughter, not once but twice! Which made 4 an half hour call in one sitting which would never happen if not 4 lockdown. It was great! Can't wait 2 get home 2 her
Lord knows


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smiekle.m Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 2 months, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

I hope your Keanu Reeves movie was entertaining and that you had an okay day! Much love


Antoine Murphy Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago.   Favorite
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