March 2, 2021

Easter 2020

From Lessons Learned by Antoine Murphy (author's profile)


Date: 2/28/2021 10:35:39 AM
Subject: [Belated] Easter 2020

{a skit)

[2 of Jesus followers R standing around]

Demas = As I was saying
I just can't believe it!
How could He possibly rise from the grave!
Just can't wrap my head around it.
Not sure if Mary n Mary
went 2 the right tomb! After all - they all look alike!!!

Onesimus = Well brother, I'm sure of it.
After all, those sisters in Christ followed closely behind
Joseph of Arimathea n seen exactly where he n Nicodemus buried the body of our Lord.
And don't get the 2 angels,they told us about who, clothed in radiant white, stood beside the rolled away stone. I doubt they had the wrong grave,as they asked,"why R U seeking the Living among the dead?" Following it up with proof:"come see the place where the body of Christ once laid...

Demas = But!
All the elders swear on a stack of Moses writings that all of or at least some of the 11 disciples came late in the midnight hourn stole Jesus body as the hired soldiers slept.

Onesimus = But how do U explain the fact that the linen clothes Christ was buried in,were left behind! Not 2 mention the fact that the napkin which was wrapped around Christ head was - neatly folded up?!?
Doesn't sound like the work of thieves!
Can't see them taking quality time 2 unwrap Jesus mummified body or taking time 2 fold up the head dress!!!
What thief U know spend time straightening up!?!
Yet U can imagine thieves wanting 2 snatch the body n get out of there as soon as possible! That's what thieves do! Break in;steal n get the heck outta there! After all guards could a woke up any minute!
On the flip side,we can learn from Lazarus.

Demas = U mean my cousin Lazarus? or the other one!

Onesimus = Ur cousin.
Now when Jesus called him outta the grave what did he tell the onlookers?

BOTH = Loose him n let him go.

Onesimus = Exactly.

Demas = How that got anything 2 do with the disciples stealing Jesus body?

Onesimus = My point is - the body wasn't stolen but - that after He was risen care was taken 2 "Loose Him n let Him go!" That's Y the clothes n napkin were still present in the tomb.
He changed outta those grave clothes n into something more - comfortable! Fitting of life as He prepared 2 show Himself alive by many infallible proofs.

Demas = Well rumor has it that those who witnessed Him were hallucinating.
What do U have 2 say about that?!?

Onesimus = So U believe Mary Magdalene, Mary,the 11 disciples, the brothers on the road 2 Emmaus were all "seeing things"? What bout those who ate with Him?
And the 500?
If that's the case one could say - U were imaging things, hallucinating! when U bore witness supposedly 2 Jesus raising Ur cousin Lazarus.

Demas = Oh NO! That's not the case
I seen it with my own eyes!
And seeing is believing

Onesimus = I get it
When we get 2 Thomas house, he will tell U 4 himself that his putting his hand in the nail prints n in Christ side was no hallucination. But an encounter with the risen Saviour. The Living God,who is as alive as U n I

Demas = I want 2 believe it - I just can't

Jesus = Peace b unto U
My friend, behold my wounds, those which I suffered 2 give U eternal life.
B not faithless but believing
Believing: I AM the Resurrection n the Life. He that believes in Me though he were dead yet shall he live. And whosoever lives n believes in Me shall never die. But shall inherit the kingdom of Heaven where death no longer exist.
Do U believe this?


Both = Yes Lord, I believe
I believe
I believe

Jesus = Happy Resurrection Sunday!
See U in Heaven.


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