Feb. 20, 2012

Geek Love

by Patrick Roehr (author's profile)


"6eek Love

Today is Valentine's Day! So what. Unless you've got a wife or girlfriend that you trust to be true, it's a pointless holiday in here, but for those getting out there is hope, if you know where to look. Recently on TLC, htere was a for us nerds and geeks. "6eeklove" is a show about people at comicon speed dating . Almost all are dressed as their favorite sci fi, fantasy and comic book characters. People like me meeting in a venue for people like me. No matter the roles I've played throughout my life, most of them bad, I can't change what I am. Nor would I. Having been in love before, I've never really known love. Always questioning these that love me. Never believing or trusting them. It has more to do with my neurosis than the girlfriend. Being told my interests are childish and pedestrian and being told to give them for love. Fuck that. So watching "6eekLove" I can't help but smile for those fellow geeks meeting their potential loves. Happy and envious, and can't help but to pine for my own shot. Because, even though I celebrate and applaud someone elses happiness, I can't help but look at these beta males and think to myself, I'm ok. I've got just as much chance as anyone of those guys do at finding love. But alas no one wants an ex-con who loves StarWars and metal. But, that's o.k. really. For all those geeks and normals whore lucky enough to find love, hold onto it. I was going to do a bunch of puns here like, "Love long and prosper" but you get it right? Anyway happy V.D. everybody! Just kidding with the V D things just my loe for irony.

hartagram by H.I.M.
The most Metal Vslentines Day
thing around. Rock on!


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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