March 6, 2012
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March 1, 2012


It is with great pleasure to present you with the very first entry of "Incarcerated Poetry: Inquiring Words of Conviction".

Today's first entry you are about to embark on isn't a poem at all, but rather a letter that was written intended for my oldest sister, which I have revised and recalled "Birdman". It was revised to speak for the physical incarcerated individuals in general. Its intent is to awaken society about the importance of providing moral support and maintaining contact/communication with their loved ones confined within the Department of Correction(al) Services (I mean that literally!), despite the circumstances, etc.

What follows is an actual poem, "Welcome to Hell", which actually shed some light on the Department of Correction(al) Services and the conditions that we as prisoners are subjected to in regards to the New York prison system, and I am sure that such conditions also occur in other states as well.

It was also written to depict for the youths what us prisoners are subjected to and what awaits those who choose to walk the wrong path.

And for the conclusion for today's blog, I leave you with "Time, Friend or Foe? I Don't Know". This is a poem that was written in regards to myself in relation to time as a whole, which I am presently questioning regarding situations and circumstances in general as they coincide with time and what it all means to myself. It was written at a very stressful time in my life, a period when I was experiencing uncertainty and doubt in regards to my life and circumstances. However, I have come to "overstand" my situation and circumstances, and came to terms with those uncertainties and doubts that once confined my mental health and stagnated my growth as an individual, especially under my current predictament.

Maybe within time, I may be able to provide you with the answer to the question presented.

However, for those who are comfortable and interested in doing so, I ask you to regard such poems as it may relate to yourself and, in due time, perhaps provide me with your input and/or your answer. Remember, this blog is especially for you, and your input and sharing is essential to the existence of "Incarcerated Poetry: Inquiring Words of Conviction".

In the meantime, I trust that you enjoy all three(s) and grasp the messages within. I anticipate your input and sharing with you in the future. However, without further ado... click the page.

Peace and blessings,
"The People's Poet"


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