May 2, 2011

This Mystery Called Woman

by Eric L. Bell



Hello my friend & welcome to my latest train-of-thought (Aw man, here we go again). I regret to inform you that unlike my preceding blog, I am no longer NAKED (Bummer, I know). But, this I assure you is STILL the absolute TRUTH. So kick up your feet, relax w/ me and allow me to stimulate that ol' cerebral cortex ("You talkin' bout the funny bone?" -No,)
This depressing weather has FINALLY taken a break & the setting sun is displaying his splendid radiance, which was created a beautiful setting for this topic - THIS MYSTER CALLED... WOMAN. In these unfortunate & subhuman standards of solitary confinement that I am forced to endure, I can't help but be amazed at the sublime opulence of Nature @ springtime. There just happens to be a 6x4" slit in the wall (a window, maybe) that affords me a limited (& I do mean LIMITED) view into a large field, some trees & a small glimpse @ the WORLD far beyond. I ask you - What is Mother Nature but a reflection of a WOMAN @ her FINEST? From her springs forth the things that sustain our existence. She guarantees us that we will only REAP that which we SOW, her soil being a vast WOMB that incredibly gives birth to LIFE. aND PONDER THIS - tHERE IS 1001 ways to TAKE A LIFE, but only 2 way to MAKE (CREATE) a LIFE. Now that may seem mundane to you, but, if you really consider the immense complexities involved in the process then you'll agree that it is nothing short of a MIRACLE.
Now an even deeper question - WHAT IS THIS MYSTERY CALLED WOMAN & FROM WHENCE SHE CAME? (Mind boggling huh?) Please don't regurgitate any foolishness that she was created from a man's rib (what the f***?), because then I'll have to challenge you to PROVE IT (& you can't). What CAN we PROVE? That we cane from & through HER. Although I ave been dragged through this unfortunate debacle ultimately due to a WOMAN (No, I'm not BLAMING her), it hasn't made me bitter or condescending towards WOMEN in the least. I understand the emotional & psychological factors that contributed to my demise. I have identified exactly how & when I could have prevented this particular outcome. I have continued to develop relationships of varying degrees w/ other women, female guards & personnel ranging from mundane, to cordial, to very (sometimes very very) intimate. & as I have nothing but TIME to reflect, examine & ponder things of interest to me, I have come to be utterly... FASCINATED w/ THIS MYSTERY CALLED... WOMAN. (Check out my melody...)
As there exists many "calibers" of men, so too is it w/ women. PROVERBS S1:10 says - "Who can find a VIRTUOUS woman, for her worth is far beyond rubies. "And yes I STRONGLY agree. ALL women possess a "MAJIK" that men will never quite understand (some call it the power of attraction). I do admit that most men think w/ their "Other Head" Yeah, that one) & easily fall prey to his powerful pulsation that emanates from the very center of this ethereal creature - WOMAN. But a truly Good woman is one who possesses a NATURAL BEAUTY. What is NATURAL BEAUTY? You will know it when you encounter it as it originates in her SPIRIT, radiates OUTWARD & has nothing to do w/ make-up, clothes, shoes, jewelry, perfume, skin color, height, weight, etc. (You dig?) It truly is a shame that women have been indoctrinated to equate superficial attributes as a true measure of BEAUTY. I shake my head in disappointment when I see how our women willing submit themselves to be exploited by the music & entertainment industry. And all for what? The mighty DOLLAR. But who can find a VIRTUOUS woman?
A good woman makes a good man want to be even BETTER. (straight-up). And every good woman deserves a good man. You don't have to be "Ms. INDEPENDENT" sweetheart, we were created in pairs - therefore we BELONG together. (Real deal) Whats the positive w/o the negative? The Alpha w/o the negative? The Alpha w/o the Omega? The King w/o the queen? & all vice-versa? I'll tell you what - Lonely... Incomplete... Extinct... A BEAUTIFUL woman creates beauty & harmony in her life & in the lives of those around her. & I've learned (before I came to prison) that the more you LOVE & CONNECT w/ her then the more beautiful she becomes. & believe me sweetheart I understand your struggle to find a good man. The sad TRUTH is that a lot of us are sitting right here struggling to overcome this nightmare. (Don't believe it? Then get to know me)
Fellas that "Play", "mack", "pimp" & "Gangsta" S*** is played out. (Straight-up) "Keepin it REAL" means being TRUE to yourself by being YOURSELF (& that takes some REAL soul searching my man). Just like the moon reflects the light of the sun, so does a woman reflect the ways of her man. And thats a fact. So, if you can't handle it hten send her my way & I bet she won't regret it... (I'm just sayin)
WHAT IS THE MYSTERY CALLED... WOMAN? I'll tell what she is - she's a CREATOR, she's a MIRACLE, she's a QUEEN, she's a GODDESS, she is ISIS the Holy Trinity (Woman, Moon & Earth), the Great Triangle 3 in 1 powers of Infinite CREATION of Children, Water & Plant Life. Her TEMPLE is the EARTH & the BODY which is CREATED by the MOTHER FROM CONCEPTION to BIRH in the course of 9 MOON (Months) w/o the use of nails & the sounds of a hammer. Thus the HUMAN BODY is the "TEMPLE OF GOOD" of MOTHERS (WOMANS) Grand Perfection, referred to in MYSTERY as GOD! (Say what? Yeah check the science). But one question even I can't answer- FROM WHENCE SHE CAME?

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