May 2, 2011

Reply to "MZ"

by Eric L. Bell


* Response to "MZ" blog Posted 8 Apr. 11 @ 11:06 a.m.

Hello "Star",

I humbly appreciate your eloquent narrative. & I must say that I also admire your COURAGE to be the 1st to share this space w/ me (feel free to take up as much as you'd like). After reading your response I felt as though I had taken an immensely satisfying breath of FRESH AIR after being submerged in murky water for far too long (thank you). I also respect you for NOT being intimidated or pretentious because we are sharing ourselves in a very REAL (very public) manner. I'm sure that you're familiar with the cliche - "It's like airing out your dirty laundry", well, I think it's more like we are presenting ourselves in laundered garments that still bear the tell-tale stains & speckled marks of our experiences. Why hide them?

You have done more than broken the surface. You've effortlessly cracked the code by reciprocating the most important principle - HONESTY. There is a lot that we can learn from each other by being GENUINE & sharing ourselves w/ each other (w/o feeling robbed)...

They say - "If you build it, they will come." What I endeavour to build is a platform founded upon TRUTH. The edifice that we are building on this platform is unique in that it is composed of the special elements that we have to share w/ each other. What we get is measured in terms of what we give, therefore you are safeguarded against anyone taking what was ultimately never theirs to take. I'm VERY security minded & protect those things (or people) near & dear to me like a real LION...

I was struck by the way you used the words " love and I hate..." so close in the same sentence. Struck w/ the urge to console the suffering in which I have become intimate friends w/. You probably didn't even notice the proximity or the implicit correlations in the relativity of your words, but things like this don't escape my X-RAY VISION ( :) ). I see the world through the eyes in my heart & process the information in my spirit. So, sweetheart, when I say that he only took what you allowed him to - accept it, let it go & LOVE AGAIN.

You mentioned KARMA. To me karma is an infallible LAW that is predicated upon the principle that everything we say & do emits a vibrational frequency into the ETHERS that we are responsible for. Since EVERYTHING in the universe is CYCLICAL then eventually that ENERGY will find its way back to us. That's why I say - accept it. Now LOVE... LOVE is the highest & purest vibration that we are able to give & receive. Naturally it must be SHARED. That's why I say - LOVE AGAIN.

There are things about solitary confinement that I have come to appreciate (sound crazy?). One of those things is that I have LOTS of time to reread & ponder your response. Naturally it makes me curious to learn more about the fascinating person responsible for its existence. GENUINE & COURAGEOUS people are indeed RARE, & when I'm blessed w/ the opportunity to come into contact w/ this rare GEM then I can't but cherish it. So please feel free to post what you please, when you please - whether or not it's intended for me makes no difference.

Let go & express yourself. (You're also more than welcome to write me @ the address posted). This in no way concludes the stream of unadulterated thoughts that flow through my mind of minds regarding you. These thoughts bring 3 songs to mind that I strongly encourage you to find by DAVE MATTHEWS BAND - "Live at Red Rocks" CD - 1) Lie In Our Graves 2) Best of What's Around & the song "The Space Between" (which I'm unsure of the album). Remain BEAUTIFUL. Keep writing. & LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Eric S. Peel 18 Apr 2011 (sorry for the delay, but I only received your comment today)

IF I HAD ONE... (By: me)

If I had one wish, I would wish for PEACE, I'd plant love in your heart & pray for hate to CEASE.
If I had one LIFE, I would live it to the fullest, & pick my friends wisely amongst all the foolish.
If I had one MINUTE, I'd give it all to you, & lend my ears for 60 seconds to hear what you've been through.
If I had one CHOICE, I'd choose to GIVE, my life for another to get the chance to LIVE.
If I had one GIFT, it would be the gift to HEAL, I'd take away the pain & make the storm be still.
If I had one VOICE, I'd whisper in your EAR, "With love we're OK & there's nothing to FEAR".


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alliecatherine Posted 11 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
I'm looking into my eyes in the portrait you drew. I see understanding, love and compassion. I hope that is what you saw if you felt the emotions in my face while you were practicing your newly art style. She has the expression of a kind, sensitive and motherly woman who is interested and serious about who she wants to impress. The flower on the headress makes me look gentle but the broad strong jawline you gave me shows that I have a strong masculine trait that only an Aries possesses! Do you agree? Hope you answer this email since you have avoided responding to my letters and card. Is there a problem I don't know about?

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