May 2, 2011


by Michael D. Pinner


#5 Writer's Commentary:


Believe it was relevant to give a view into my past when I wrote: "What You Never Knew" because sometime you must expose history to give a better understanding on self actions at a particular time and moment in life, "As well as to give recognition on the prominent reflections of these current days"...
I will not say I'm the same as all the other millions of ghetto kids around the world, because we're all unique on many levels. But our stories are somewhat alike, some of our life outcomes are of similarity, and our circumstances sometime seem to be the same. Still the main fact stands to be incorrigible, we are all "ghetto kids" that has and still do endure a great sense of vain. So I gave you all a look into the life on a small level, of a ghetto kid finding his way to a conscious mind setting.
However, I spoke on Ms. Seloris Pinner, "my mother", whom I deeply miss and will cherish the memories she left me with, which allows me to know of very pure and unconditional love. "Love you my beautiful black queen"...
When I look back on her existence, her nature, the overall substance she beholded. I salute her on the strength she demonstrated, never abandoning her children no matter how much of a hold on her the streets had. She honestly showed us love, so think not of a bad mother due to me expressing her addictions. I was just speaking Truth, she is one I will hold as a benediction "A Blessing". And made way for me to embrace and appreciate strong women, those which I call "womanly soldiers"...
None-the-less, it is unfortunate and very sad one has to grow into a real man under oppressive prison conditions, lear of self-worth, while being treated un-humane. I was 15 years old the last time physical freedom existed for me, and was illiterate at such time, along with naive on the fact that I would be given life without parole due to my acts of silence.
But as I said, I was young and illiterate and had to educate myself under these extreme un-humane prison conditions. Which I found a strength within me. I never knew or thought I had within, just as I came to build a relationship with "God" whom I knew nothing of. Everything happens for a significant reason in life "I believe", I've just had to seek at knowing what that reason consist at being. As far as me spending so long under these prison conditions, I believe the reason was to awaken me since none of the other tormented situations seen fit to do so. But what I've not been able to understand fully or figure out, is the reason I was given life without parole for a crime I didn't commit.
Therefore, I just took upon the notion that "karma" is a truth, and sometime we pay for our wrongs through the inflictions of someone else wrongdoings unto us. Which two wrongs never made a right so I was always told, so I believe justice will take its curse in do time and season.
With that being said, I conclude briefly with the six, Truth, Peace, Family, Love, and Justice...


Mr. Doroili Michael Pinner
Missouri Department of Correction


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