Aug. 24, 2012

Pre Message

by Gary Field (author's profile)



I've got a message for the "man in the street"
Who it appears to me has been blinded.
Without the woman - you'd be obsolete,
I think it's time that you were reminded.

Shes like a flower trampled under your feet,
Whose sweet scent is wasted on the air.
Yet somehow, in your macho conceit,
It seems to me that you're unaware.

A precious gem in the palm of your hand,
That you treat as if a common stone.
Brothers, I think it's time you understand
That she's a queen, in need of a throne.

You see her flesh and ignore her soul,
With hardened heart - you can crush her spirit.
And though you need her to make you whole,
When she cries out - you can't even hear it.

I've got a message for the "man in the street"
Who it appears needs to be reminded.
Without the woman you'd be incomplete.
You'd search for peace - and you'd never find it.

Through God's grace - we've been given a gift.
And you can't even see beyond the "wrapping".
The love inside, you just set it adrift -
Left with sound of one hand clapping.

Like a one-eyed king in the land of the blind,
You think you've got it all figured out.
But one day you'll awaken to find -
That you've been left with the shadow of doubt

You won't miss the water til the well runs dry,
And you're left to suffer in your thirst.
Some woman's daughter will just wave good-bye,
To the apology that you'd rehearsed.

How long do you think she'll pray your game,
Until her own heart begins to harden?
Brothers, you'll only have yourself to blame,
When she begins to tend to her own garden.

A place where flowers aren't carelessly plucked,
Where swollen grapes grow upon the vine.
Her own place where she can reconstruct -
Her sense of self, and find peace of mind.

I've got a message for the "man in the street".
What you've lost - I hope someday to find it.
And I'd sip that nectar that's "Oh so sweet",
Just the way that God has designed it.

I'd be there to wipe the tears from her eyes,
To let her lay her head upon my chest.
I'd be there to hear her whispered sighs -
To satisfy her and to give her rest.

You've held a jewel in the palm of your hand,
And treated it, as if a common stone...
One day soon, perhaps you'll understand -
Why I chose to place her on a throne.

That's a "message" for the man in the street who may have earned of love from watching rap videos or M.T.V - It's not just my sister who inspired me to write that "message"... I might be incarcerated, but I'm not incapable of seeing that far too often - a "precious gem" is being treated as if a common stone.

Well - It's almost "lights out" here at the "University of Adversity" - my handwriting is bad in the best of times - you certainly don't want to see this epileptic chicken scratch in the dark. (I call it "Crypto-Hebraic Hieroglyphics :D L.O.L)

Before closing out this first post (which is nothing like what I imagined this "first post" would be :D) I would like to invite you to come back and see what "train of thought" might be leaving the station next time - I'm looking forward to sharing poetry, essays, and 'bits and pieces' of my past - as well as hopes and dreams for tomorrow.

I understand that the volunteers at "Between the Bars" (my new heroes and sheroes :D) will be "copying" and forwarding "comments" as they appear on the web site. Please keep in mind that Florida inmates have absolutely NO internet access - "mail call" can be either the "highlight" of an inmate's day... or one of those times when the razor wire feels like a leash, and the fences seem a mile high. (Hint-hint :D)

Gary Field
DC# M05398
Century C.I.
Century, FL 32535

Until next time -

May your joys be as deep as the ocean - and your cares as light as its foam. (Anonymous)


(A haiku in the dark :D)

Tears caught in the throat,
Are coughed up by the laughter -
On visiting day.


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Nicki Posted 9 years, 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
In a class recently, my lecturer was talking about the kids movie 'the Incredibles' & the super powers each of the characters possessed. (Incidentally this was in an Australian University, Canadian Lecturer) Mr Incredible, the power of strength, Elastagirl, flexibility & she suggested that Frozone's (played by Samuel L Jackson) superpower was not simply to freeze things but that his real superpower was actually 'swagger'. She went on to say that throughout the civil rights movement there was no social media as there is today and the only way to attract followers to the cause was to be likable & appeal to people. Reading this blog, along with your profile today what came to mind is... I think you might possess this same superpower.

I enjoyed reading this a lot, I see my own thoughts reflected in your words & there were parts that made me smile. Thank you for sharing!


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