Sept. 27, 2012

In Our Mirror

by Thomas Smith (author's profile)


[IN OUR MIRROR] - underlined

You view the world by your suspicious behavior and Reasoning to always want to know and learn more about what you view and hear in the world, you choose to be careful not to let yourself suspicion show so, you change your behavior by acting OUT in your own and best showmenship with your stone face too the world, your hardest walk and your most notorious voice with less educational vocabulory than you were raised with and thought to use...

there's always an misunderstanding with what you view in the world but, more so with one another cause, you tend to look at everyone and everything as A threat or something less stronger than you are. Fear within Fear, the face in the mirror that's looking back at you. Challenging yourself, a show down with the empty face in the glass against your own reflection which stands before the empty image of yourself that will only copy your movements notten more.

It's fascinating how we as people take an image and mirror it and allow ourselves to manipulate ourselves and each other cause, your deepest fear is yourself and if someone could manage just a small reflection of you they've found that behavior point in which sets off the fear and threat in you which passes to be something no stronger than the image in the mirror, in turn, happens to be your own reflection...

By: thomas - (smiley face) 9/11/12


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Nicki Posted 11 years ago. ✓ Mailed 10 years, 12 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing Thomas!

I received your letter today. I'm not sure how, since it arrived with only local postage on it, but well done haha.

I transcribed this post for you today in an effort to try and understand what you're saying here, but I'm not sure it's helped. I did comment before on how you had a talent for putting a little distance between yourself and your subject matter, but maybe this one's gone too far because I'm not sure I fully understand what you're saying. I feel like I'm going around in circles. (But I'll keep reading & keep trying ;)

I'll write again soon.


Nicki Posted 10 years, 12 months ago. ✓ Mailed 10 years, 12 months ago   Favorite
So I went away and played around with your words, separated them into short verses & paraphrased each one, because I really wanted to understand what you were saying here. This is what I've come up with... (you'll have to tell me if I'm close or not)

You view the world through suspicious eyes,
always questioning, and are careful about hiding the suspicion you hold of others
you cover-up your natural behaviors by putting on a tough guy image, a front,
and dumb yourself down to protect your true identity.

Your perception is often different to the reality of situations and even more so with your perceptions of people because you see everything & everyone as a threat through paranoid eyes
you see them as weak in comparison to yourself.

"Fear within Fear"

The next stage of your paranoia is to see yourself as the enemy when you look in the mirror. But your image is empty and cannot possibly challenge you, because it is just a 2 dimensional reflection & nothing more.

It's fascinating how we try to be something we're not
we manipulate ourselves in a false image
and manipulate others to become that same image, because we're afraid of being who we truly are or allowing their authenticity to challenge our own.

If you allow someone to know the real you, you feel exposed, like you've given away the power to manipulate your weaknesses

but in reality they have no more power than the 2 dimensional reflection in the mirror. Giving away control of who you are is a false perception.

- How did I go..?

I'd like to know if this was this a little self reflection of the man you once were? or possibly who you still are, or could it be about someone else? Could it be a story of mental illness..? Of the paranoia of schizophrenia maybe. I guess you could also be describing the insight of many, many lost souls sitting in prisons and on the streets of the USA. Being an Australian I can also draw similarities to so many young Australian Aboriginal kids who seem to have lost their own identities and taken on 'American Gangster' culture in their mannerisms, the way they dress and speak. Perhaps it's a story replicated in young people's insecurities throughout the world.

I'm glad I took the time to try and understand your words. I am a very literal person so if you were being more abstract or poetic with your writing, I will have completely messed up your message. However you meant for it to be interpreted, I find your writing in this post is very deep and touching.

Thank you for sharing Thomas.


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