June 19, 2011
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...June 16, 2011...

To the entire BTB universe,
Hello and welcome to my blog, if you are a first timer.

It's been two weeks since my last post. I do apologize for the absence! I've been very busy filling legal motions and so forth, but I didn't forget about you guys! It's truly strange how the system works. If you don't have the $$, it forces you to learn work you'd normally shrug off like legal work, cutting hair (my specialty :)), sewing, medical aid work, and one that I'm thoroughly intrigued with, psychology. I truly and honestly do suggest working at a prison while majoring or minoring in the field of psychology because it teaches you how to detect different biological such as chemical imbalances, ADD, bipolar sufferers, anti-social disorders, and guys that I predict will be back upon their release for much worse crimes.

It's an age-old adage, or should I say misinforming adage, that prison itself rehabilitates prisoners. That's hogwash! :) Prisons make the tools available to you to rehabilitate yourself, but the rehabilitation is solely on you. Just like with sports, the sport can only be presented and taught to an individual, but it's up to that individual to learn and become his or her best at it. And with that, I'd like to say, congratulations, DALLAS MAVERICKS! No! I'm a Laker fan. I just don't like the Miami tacky, no-class bashing heat. :)

There's more to come, so stay in touch and ask questions. Take care and God bless.

Your friend,


A Friend to Me
My life has taken some bitter turns,
And from those turns, I have truly learned.
A girlfriend that became my wife
Some love we made became a life
And we both took a chance on something new
Never giving up. Thanks, baby! We worked it through
It's amazing how all this love began
And how we started out just as friends,
A little boy and a little girl
Destined to take on the world together...
And although I was a boy and not yet a man,
I still had the courage to hold your sweet hand
And wipe the tears from your beautiful eyes
When you'd get upset and start to cry
It's really wonderful how a heart yearns
And simply beautiful how our love still burns
I'll never forget the day we met
And that special day I'll never regret
Pulling your hair
A few ups and downs will never change what you are to me,
'Cause you'll always be a friend to me, baby!

*This could possibly be a love ballad for some country artist in need of a hit. :)

Written by Augustus


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