March 23, 2013
by Melissa E. Colbert (author's profile)


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Mr. Michael Gomes, thank you very much for contacting me, and sending loads of human rights information, and you most definitely know what you're talking about. The system all over America has kinship to all the misfortunate, who stumble into this blackness... Sadist minds developed this whole concept, captivity goes all the way back to slavery. Society will never eradicate crime, every day a new cause will arrive, and society must take action against those who violate the law of the land, because we all make choices, and I don't understand how you don't see the prison inside. I want people to see thru my life story all the dire situations and how every step led me here. And there are gonna be times you will have to deal with all the drama that come with these situations. It was designed to make you fail, to dehumanize you but great people have suffered prison warfare, political prisoners as they're called, Mandela for one and even Hitler imprisonment for Jews. Suffering is real in imprisonment.

I've always thought, how would someone upon employment agree, to treat you lack of anything human, that in its way tell me, they have some type mental issue. No man is except human nature, that is why illegal sexual activity, and personal dealing are always investigated, that human nature they can't suppress. Education a top priority for me, and giving a person to some personal growth, to better themselves. If you have a life sentence or not eligible for parole in a certain time frame, you can't get a trade. Georgia do not pay inmates for their labor. I think working for free should be banned since inmates maintenance prisons, make everything all the way up to the warden's desk. You slave for the state, while your family spend all kind of money on everything to help you within these places. Everything's overrated, but with Obama it should wake up a lot of people that America, and all those who don't want change, still deeply rooted in ignorance. And these are the same mindset of people who control prisons. There are some people actually in prison, wrongfully convicted. The key is upon parole every voice should still be heard, but people get out, and don't look back, that's a major problem also. So think about that, what is your destiny?

<3 Melissa


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I am a veteran Colombian that for six years I was part efforts to undertake illegal armed Colombia known as the AUC. reintergre me leaving society and illegal weapons within a peace process with the Colombian state. I did my voluntary surrender to authorities, procuratorates and judges. took more than six years deprived of liberty where each answer for crimes committed during my membership in illegality. I wish to bring a message of peace to children and youth so that they never incorporated into these illegal armed. can learn more about me on the website and email

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