March 24, 2013

Wise Guys

From DUBB-EM UP by Luis Alarcon (author's profile)


"Wise Guys"

Right off the bat/ca$h smelling K-9s/and cold blooded killer sociopaths./
Lincoln/Navigators, a lesson to be learned and expeditions./Capisce, ain't no
Snitching/Siamo celebrating il bambino's mafiosi initiation/Night-out
Gambling/Bigger books extortionist; loan sharking/drug dealing/cap peeling./
Business is business, wheeling/and killing,/blackmailing./

The only way out this game is through death,/To silence your breath./Another day at
The office in my Cadillac Escalade./Blasphemy once and for all, blast with me, we
operate./And desperate to short circuit dope fiends and addicts./Just won't
Forget about it./Like an automatic./I write about that shit that means some-
Thing./Racketeering/and gunning canaries down. I can't believe what I'm hearing./
Wrote rhymes/and skills to never cross that line./Keep in mind/that you're
Rolling with an organized family of crime./

Omerta assassinations,/dead men don't tell tales, a murderer's true confessions./The world
Is yours./Speak eloquent profound poetic words,/As you put in work/F.B.I.
Authorities will apprehend,/prosecute/and incarcerate./Eternally in fear of a life sent-
Enced./For collecting these dollar$/with a ghetto doctorate a dedicated scholar./
Husteng man, I'm a baller!/

Trigger mob complicity/deliver the merchandise quick profit bribery;/coming up
Ability./Job hungry worker$,/most notorious gang$ters,/mob$ters and enforcers./
Yet keep it real./Federal witnesses will squeal/and call out for that sweetheart/
Deal./Man, fuck that,/I bust these rhymes for the homes on the block o en la
Yarda. From El Indio de La Sierra/y palabra./

2009 Dubb 'Em Up Records!

"Peace Be Upon You and the Mercy of Allah".

Mr. Luis Marcon #47633
P.N.M. North
P.O. Box 1059
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504

"We must change the criminal mentality into a revolutionary state of mind."

"Power to the People,
by the People,
And for the [illegible], you dig!

A firm, warm and solid embrace of revolutionary love is extended to all who come across these writings of mine...


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