March 24, 2013

Put It In My Pocket

From DUBB-EM UP by Luis Alarcon (author's profile)


"Put It In My Pocket"

What you gonna do when you get out the clink? First of all, I'm going to sample some ass./
Hustle the ball, dick and pussy slapping. Put it on the glass./Now dash the gas./
Popping collars,/True ballers;/Stack dollar$,/Blast haters;/Trend setters./
Storming Las Vegas City,/Nevada conversating Scarface Capone, Frank Nitty/and
Joey Bonanno with a sprinkle of luxury./

I rock this chain on bling like a neighborhood player/sporting alligators,/on the pedal
Of ah stretch custom-bed Navigator./Late night creeping/in my golden Lincoln./Just
Dipping./All I'm here for,/so if you have a biggo butt get on the dance floor./I told you
Once before./

I'm ah muthafuckin' pimp you know,/much original./My talk so classic, yeah I bust these
Flows./Funking up nothing but them square sucker lames./Spitting so much game at
Them top-notch dames./Fine ass hoes want to get with me, I tell them break yourselves.
Uptown baby, hook the rich clientele,/Keep my pockets on swell./

I'm all about my knot,/So drop it like it's hot./Excuse my pimping manners while I pick it
Up like it's not./I'm ah pimp and I'm a player./I'm gonna lay her down gently, I'm going to
Spread her/as I blaze her./You know the rules of the game./Your top-notch dame/
Chose to ride with a loc'd out Mexican./

Ghetto vaquero./She rather join my stable,/where a fine ass ho is always able./
Nickel rated pistolero./I'm still busting slugs,/straight living like blue bloods/
With a pocket full of dubb$./Thinking, planning; scheming, and rhyming/It's the reason
There's no possibility as something for nothing./

While I'm laying in the cut 'bout to twist this herb,/she kicked you to the curb./
There you have it, you have just been served/by ah dope Mexican./I am what I am,/
And get all I can./P, double I, M, P.

Copyright 2010 Dubb 'Em Up Records Dubb MC
By Luis Alarcon #47633
P.N.M. North
P.O. Box 1059
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504


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