Feb. 5, 2013

St. Hood

From DUBB-EM UP by Luis Alarcon (author's profile)


"Gangland St. Hood"

Ghost and darkness great thunderous storm;
Hard is the hour that villain is born
For suffering is also born with him.
A prophet practices and preaches what he means.
Raw for my survival, it's either win, lose or draw.
Poetry, eloquent lyrical strategy without a flaw.
By deviant means I mastered Peruvian, Bolivian and Colombian powder.
While others dabbled and wool gathered I rolled in my Cadillac low-rider.

With the dopest hit-list
One straight up ghetto pharmacist extortionist./
Visions of grandeur, a Latin-Hispanic entrepreneur.
One loud out Mexican innovating hustling character.
A pillar and foundation of truth, three piece fly crocodile and slick sick suit.
Fresher than ah pair of Mauro's alligator shoes.
Non-stop I was 6'd up from the feet up,
On all my sentences and paragraphs rocking hip-hop and spitting that rap.

It usually isn't peaches and cream;
Most poets being those who say what they don't mean.
Snitched on by an anonymous stool pigeon source,
Nobody's business but my own. Kingpin of the underworld.
The other men in the crew checked out good
Being "friends of ours" from the old neighborhood.
Underground figure, upstanding citizen assembling a team.
Corruption galore "friend of the friend's" living the American dream.

The ones that pull them triggers,
Opened the books and initiated another member...
High-priced hoodlums know that money is the difference between life and death.
Greed and vaulting ambition in "this game of ours" will take your last breath; and nobody
Wept no matter what he's lost because almost everyone expected death.

Copyright 2011 Dubb 'Em Up!

To be continued, ha-ha.


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