April 9, 2013

A New State Of Mind

by Dustin Kelley (author's profile)


A Voice Lost to the World


I know we've all heard the statement "your mind's in the gutter." I was thinking that everything we do starts with a thought and with that thought comes an action, either for good or positive things or they are for bad or negative things and I do understand that sometimes what is bad for us or negative for us feels so good. That's why people continue to use drugs or rob banks or choose less in life. I was reflecting on this, thinking to myself that most people don't have a drug problem or a violence problem, no, they have a thinking problem. They are stuck on stupid, their minds are constantly in the gutter. They continue to feed their minds garbage and thus they continue to end up failing in whatever they are doing. I have fallen into this before. I look back over my life and see how many times I choose to act on some stupid impulses that made a bad situation worse in every way possible, my state of mind was wired on the fast track to nowhere. I never really thought out, the outcome of my actions until it was too late. It's like I finally woke up one day and saw that what I was doing just wasn't working for me anymore. I am sure that a lot of people come to this point also, and they either make some new choices or get help or they roll over and say "fuck it I'm tripping" and continue on their way. It isn't easy to re-wire yourself or to achieve a new state of mind. Today I have to constantly work at it and continue to pull myself away from my old ways of thinking. It is hard but it is doable and it is worth it in every way. I believe as long as I keep putting positive things back into this world I will continue to receive positive things back. Today that's my STATE OF MIND...




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GEROLDGORMAN Posted 10 years, 11 months ago. ✓ Mailed 10 years, 11 months ago   Favorite
Remember that you are no longer in the gutter.If you are, you are living in the past and, if you are living in the past you will not have a tomorrow.So you have no hope. Without hope you have nothing. This is the place we have to go sometimes in our lives before we realize that we are helpless. No one to turn to not even ourselves. Can,t even trust ourselves.Did I just say that? Then I remember hearing about someone that I thought was not real.But neither was I.A thing that could change my life and give it meaning.I heard about it before but, thought I would be looked at by my so called friends as punk. I ruled everything. When in fact, I didn,t even have control of anything in my life. So being by myself one day. I decided to give this thing a try. No one else could here , so I was still kool in other peoples eyes. So to my amazement, when I called on the name of the Lord, I really didn,t think anything would happen. To my surprise, I heard a voice answer back. Since that day I have tomorrow,s, but I try to live each day as if were my last. Today thats my change of mind. That I tell you of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and you tell someone else. So tell them that they are loved when they think no one else does. God bless you Dustin Kelly and all who are locked up.

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