July 19, 2013

A Brief History of Shirleyworld - The Madness Journals - Chapter XII

by Timothy J. Muise (author's profile)



Chapter XII

Well you might be surprised to learn that the prison did not implode and was able to go on operating even though Lt. Whirlwind was on vacation this past week. It is rumored that she flew her broom directly south to her hometown of Hades, but that has not been confirmed. No water bottle patrols, no cardboard box sweeps, no clothes line recons this week and the place still managed to run. Some Stockholm Syndromed psychophants probably missed "mackin" with her, and she probably missed that inner evil grin from participating in the "game," but nonetheless the joint kept churning its operational failures without the Princess of Peril.

Wish I could report the same for Deputy Denied-Oh. Beezelbub did not celebrate her homecoming this past week. She remained here at ShirleyWorld to haunt the roost. She took over the arrangements for the African American event "Juneteenth," and guess what: it was a TOTAL failure. Total shocker (remove tongue from cheek). She took the reigns due to the success the American Veterans in Prison had in their meeting with Representative Ben Swan. The Vets and their associates "put it on" the DOC with truth and light, and we all know Deputy Denied-Oh relies upon lies and darkness. Her cold hand of death was placed squarely upon the Juneteenth planning and the death gurgle could be heard all over the prison: no guests, no speakers, barely any cons in attendance. Shame on you Deputy. The real men here know your game all too well. You care little about rehabilitation or public safety. Twice a month the golden goose lays that turd covered green egg and you place that blood money in your cache of evil gotten gain. All the gold in the world will not gain you entrance at St. Peter's gate.

Last Thursday (06/20) they turned away several volunteers at the prison gate (these volunteers run the 3-11 shift programs) telling them that there was no programming that night. The truth was they closed the school and programs buildings and chose to open the prison yard, turning these dedicated folks who had driven scores of miles to get here away at the gate. Even more crazy is that this week they called these prison volunteers and told them there would be no programming on Thursday and Friday, but both nights (06/27 & 06/28) the school building WAS open and numerous prisoners were waiting for the program volunteers. It is pure madness! They make the volunteers drive out here and close the buildings, and then tell them not to drive out here and open them! Only in the insane realm of ShirleyWorld. Trust and believe that I have personally let every high ranking state official know about their shenanigans here. Denied-Oh is not happy about it (as you will see by her response which I am attaching) but that is just too bad. They will have to kill me to shut me up! (And that is not out of the realm of possibilities).

Sgt. Mac-Hardly & Lt. Moe-do-less-ki are up to their old tricks again. They have been calling more prisoners to the chowhall than can fit in the chowhall and it resulted in a couple of fights in the cockroach cafeteria. These men who engaged in a physical solution were pushed there by Mac-Hardly and Moe-do-less-ki. An 82 year old prisoner who has been in prison since 1955 - straight - was cold due to his blood thinners. He unplugged the industrial fan (a fan that was purchased out of the INMATE benefit account) that was pointed right at him. Sgt. Mac-Hardly (Hardly works-Hardly fights anyone who is not handcuffed or 82) went over to the cop who was closest to the fan and said, "You gonna let that shitbag punk you off like that?" Now this is an overt act seeking that violence be perpetrated against an 82 year old prisoner. This is who Sgt. Mac-Hardly is: a true coward. This prisoner, if he was on the street, would put an end to such abuse in a much less desirable way, but fools like MacHardly don't know the histories of these men (the FBI believe this 82 year old man killed upwards of 20 men in the gangland wars of the early 1950's). In here he is just an old man and the real predators, like Mac-Hardly, bully old men and the mentally ill-the weak-the unstable. If they can't do it alone they do it as a gang. It is sickening. They are the real criminals and you are paying them top dollar. When will someone investigate?

I could not believe my eyes when I saw ANOTHER class of recruits being trained to have their own lives ruined as well as to ruin the lives of others. They paraded a rainbow coalition of deviants and mental defectives through here, led by some of the most ignorant and foolish training officers I have ever known. One training officer Sgt. Humpback (I call him that because he wore a "camelback hydration system, like the ones used by soldiers in Iraq, to "hydrate" while patting men down coming out of the chowhall here last summer - I swear to God you can't make this shit up - even the other screws made fun of him) was giving them a speech which me and my friends got to hear. Let me give you some excerpts; "In this building we have a hair cuts school and stuff." A hair cut school? Isn't it a barber school? And what is stuff? "Down here is where they go to the gym to work out and stuff." This is who is training the new guards: Sgt. Humpback the "and stuff" instructor. If a question was asked like, "What do guards actually do?" would he answer "Sleep and stuff."?

My civil action is Suffolk Superior Court, about First Amendment protected free speech, is going very well. I am confident that the DOC will be held accountable for the harm they caused me, but either way, win or lose, I have already won. I have NOT allowed them to turn me into a prisoner. I have NOT allowed them to take the fight out of me, and MOST importantly I have NOT allowed them to strip me of hope! God is Good! All the time!!

More to come...


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