Oct. 25, 2013

Make No Sense

From Redemption by Ray Jones (author's profile)


Wrote: 2007
Song: Make No Sense
Album: Bukk Wild & Krazy

Waken up, every day 2 peep.
It's funkd up, n da world.
Being dealt, a bunch of bad cardz,
Got me mad, at da lord...
Growing up, without a popz
Haven 2 learn how 2 fight.
All da foolz n my naborhood,
Waitn 2 jakk, 4 my bike...
Seeing hommyz, get sent 2 jail,
Foe tryna, slang drugz,
Da government, flew n da dope,
Just 2 set, us all up...
Hangn out, wit da hommyz loaded,
Showing off, dey bling-bling,
So da fedz, can zoom n cameraz,
On dem flashy, gold ringz...
N u thinkn, yo hommyz down,
Just bekuz y'all, hit a likk,
Up n kourt, testifyn against u,
Leaven u hooked, like a fish...
Now all da chix, I used 2 bone,
Don't remember, my name,
Carhoppn, wit every balla in town,
So she can try, 2 get fame...
Wantn a man who'z a suga daddy,
Who gonna spend, his last dyme,
Tryn 2 lie & say, she love dem,
Wantn 2 be, n spotlitez...
Hittn up dudez, get outta jail,
Jus 2 see, where dey at,
Still meetn dudez, who stuk on stupid,
Kuz it's his 3rd tyme, comen bakk...

Every day, when I hit da hood,
You know, I'm lookn upset,
Kuz dis world, is so full of bullshyt,
Dat I'm pakkn, my tek...
Spittn game, 2 my people trippn,
Who alwayz fall, 4 dumb shyt,
Seeing my peepz, every day on da newz,
It don't make, no sense...

Remembern tymez, when we was broke,
Every day chasen paper,
Soon as people, start gettn rich,
Dey changen up, like da weather...
N pro athletez, is gettn married,
2 dey high skool flamez,
Get divorced, after 10 yearz,
Now da chik, got fame...
Trippn out, on dudez who hustle,
N risk going, 2 jail,
Jus 2 see dem, tryna make it rain,
4 som strippa femalez...
Seeing da pigz, can't wait 2 tripp,
2 beat up, brothaz n cuffz,
Telln da newz, it was all our fault,
Bekuz dey say, he was drunk...
Hearn about, how immigrantz,
Be talkn shyt, bout us blaxx,
Sayn we lazy, not wantn 2 work,
N only want, 2 slang crakk...
N all da women, not give a damn,
Tryna cheat, on dey spouse,
Spendn all yo mail, while u workn,
Not taken care, of yo house...
Haven 2 deal, wit racist sukaz,
Telln us, we ain't shyt,
Copying all, our movez like chess,
Not wantn 2 give, us respekt...
Lettn our women, get everything,
Haven da power, wit children,
Watchn foolz cry, n divorce kourt,
Bekuz a unjust system...

Dey comen up, off da government,
Tryna have, all our babies,
2 put us on, som child support,
Calln da pigz, u don't pay 'em...
Wantn a balla, 2 break dem off,
Bekuz she droppn, her pantyz,
Not being true, n relationshipz,
N playn, her baby daddy...
But can't neva, stop 2 think,
About da kidz, lookn krazy,
Growing up, in a messd up world,
Not tryna get, a education...
Believen da liez, on dey television
About us blaxx, was all slavez,
N u got parentz, who don't know shyt
Is why we die, every day...
Immigrantz, from other countryz,
Get treated way betta,
Dan us blaxx, been here 4 yearz,
Not gettn our, reparation...
Lockn up, all us minorityz,
N som racist, ass prisonz,
Not given out, no rehabilitation,
Jus 2 keep us, all trippn...
Not wantn 2 find, no real job,
Once we get, out da joint,
Pikkn up gatz, 2 go run da streetz
Befo some suka, get smoked...
Lookn at all, da homeless people
Liven under, a bridge,
N after seeing, da world we n
I guess it all, makez sense...


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