April 22, 2014

Greatest Rap Song Ever

From Lonely Dragon by Donny Welch (author's profile)


"Forgive me Mamma"

Chorus: Forgive me Momma, I never meant to break your heart. Screamin and hollerin. I never thought it'd go this far. Repeat

If you only knew what it was like to have a Momma like mine - the only queen in my life who was there all the time - through thick and thin, hard times ro not, I promise you Momma, the old me is forgotten - I put you through struggles on the count of my ways. I found my way of livin life that only shorten my days. An the only time I treated you right - was a of need to sleep at night - but I know you always cared but I needed to learn - the hard way of livin life could make a positive turn - but growin up was hard but those times are gone. I still sit an wonder where my life went wrong. I've been blessed with a daughter an given a chance - to be by her side but I let it slip through my hands. I choose to run away like my Father did - an straighten my life but guess what, Mom I did - of all times I screwed up this time was bad - I turn to my cousin, the closest person I had to a Dad - I felt as if I had something to prove - All he asked was to be good to Joanna and you - I tried my selfish ways that only built up hate - that I had inside my heart since the age of 8 - now it's said and done, I can't change the past - so I live to make this moment we share together at last.

Ch X 2 - At end of the second line - go this far - drawn out a second time

Lil mac is on the track to tell the world he loves you - an't nobody in this world that place it above you - through my life I been waitin to be makin hits - it's easy momma cause you kept the candles lit - an Daddy never ran away cause he wasn't a coward - He kept his head high when things went downward - After see in there's only one momma that's true - if I had a choice my only choice would be you I can't put into words how I feel that you are - you made my dreams feel close when they seem so far - your the only woman to ever be there for us - an what would I be now without you - when I get locked up you pray I'll get out soon - Though all the tears an shit an all the problems we face - I'm still sorry for the times I didn't do what you say - an just the other say we was chillin together - you're the best Mom ever, ain't none better - I love you Momma

Ch X 2 - go this far repeated at end of second time and drawn out


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