April 1, 2011

My Quest

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My Quest

(I know it's a long entry, ut give it a chance, I know you'll find it rewarding)
Hello everyone, welcome to MyQuest. My name is Danny, and I'll be your guide on what I promise will be a journey you'll never forget, one that I hope will have a lasting and positive impact on your life. Before we embark on your adventure I would just like to ask that you ignore the wild rumors you'll hear concerning our journey. I know they say that what we are about to attempt is impossible, foolhardy, and terribly dangerous and I admit the odds are stacked against us, and sure there may be an element of danger involve, but I assure you, by no means is our journey an impossible one!
Oh, did I fail to mention our mission? It's nothing, really. We're just going to prove that no matter who you are, what your background is, or what circumstances you find yourself in that peace, fulfillment, joy, and even love are not only possible for you, they are your destiny - if you so choose. See, no big deal right?
But before we being I'd like to give you some more information about your travel guide and what exactly this journey will entail.
So here's the deal. The point of MyQuest is to give hope to anyone who feels disempowered, hopeless, or "stuck" in life. The way I see it a person with my background living in prison, and facing the challenges I face would never be voted in as most likely to succeed, right? Especially with the goals that I have (we'll get to that in a bit). Not only do I live in prison, but I come from an extremely dysfunctional background. I was a drug and alcohol abuser for years, I've been labeled with a mental illness, and the crimes I committed to land myself in prison have cause a lot of pain to a lot of people... Some of whom I loved dearly.
The idea is that if I can achieve a loving, healthy, enjoyable life, one that contributes to the wellbeing of others and fulfills my god-given potential, then anyone can, right? But I can't do it alone. That's why I hope you'll join me on this harrowing but exciting adventure.
To those who are wondering what right I have even considering to attempt such a life I ask, what right do I have not to attempt leading such a life? How else can I show how truly sorry I am for the decisions I made? To attempt anything less would show a disregard for the pain I caused... and that would be unacceptable.
Lately I've become acutely aware of the beautiful potential that is inherent in each and every person. It is my belief that inside every human being resides a core of astounding love, purity, creativity, and beauty. A core that is invaluable and unique to each person. My goal is to uncover this core in myself, to clear away the obstructions that obscure its light and to shine it out as brightly as I can. Not only that, but I hope to help others in this extremely difficult environment to do the same. In prison many people lead lives that are defeated, hopeless, and angry, but they don't have to. I want to show them and anyone else willing to join me that there is nothing stopping us from leading loving, rewarding lives that we find fulfilling and that contribute to the wellbeing of those around us. Why should we settle for anything less? Imagine if all the people who currently believe their lives are hopeless and that they can't change their ways, imagine if these people were able to believe in a new truth, one that empowered them. This, more than anything else, is the key to rehabilitation. One must believe in his or her own potential.
Let me share with you the route I plan to take on this adventure. I plan to use spirituality, psychology, and motivational techniques to achieve the kind of life I know is possible for all of us.
Spirituality - Anyone familiar with the following books and scriptures will understand the spiritual approach I embrace.
* The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle.
* Bhagavad - Gita - Ancient Hindu text
* DhammaPada - ancient Buudhist text
* Tao Te Ching - Ancient Taoist text
* The Celestine Prophecy - New age fictional book
I'll discuss this more in later entries

Psychology - I find that the skills taught in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and the insights I've gained through group therapy and one on one therapy will probe very useful! Anyone familiar with psychology knows that CBT has proven very effective in teaching people how to use their thinking patterns to their advantage.

Motivational Techniques: Although much of this work is concerned with the ego, a lot of it can be quite useful. I've found Anthony Robbins' book Awaken the Giant Within extremely helpful, especially the sections on Empowering Questions and Empowering Beliefs.
Please join me on this journey, It isn't just about my own success in these efforts but about showing people that no circumstances should stop anyone from living their potential. No matter who you are or what your setbacks are, joy, peace, love, success are possible. Your life can be worth something, in fact it's invaluable.
Now, I have some rather hefty goals - one fo which is to start a website called LifeQuest. This website will combine Social Networking with the most effective tools in Personal development to create a revolutionary social movement in the self-help field. More on that later. I can't achieve my goals on my own. I'll need your support, make use of the comments option below or write me directly. Let me know what you think f my blog, how I could improve, or any suggestions you have to help in achieving our goals. We can show the world that no one needs to feel disempowered by a difficult life, that love, peace, and joy, and success is for anyone willing to believe and do the work. Before any major changes can take place, a person needs to believe that change is possible. Let's give them the proof.
I'll tell you more about my background as we go and get into specific goals. But right now, it is vital that you show your support. You wouldn't believe the power that can come from a few encouraging comments and the knowledge that people believe in my cause.
By the way, anyone who is familiar with some of the spiritual books I mentioned and has had success in putting the principles to practice, please contact me. I have been on a spiritual journey for years, but so far my only mentors have been the authors of the books I've read. They say when the student is ready, a teacher will come. I hope I'm ready.
My plan is to chronicle my efforts in trying to realize the core potential I know I possess. I will also write about positive or interesting happenings here at Old Colony Prison. I hope to give you a new perspective on those of us who live in prisons. So please join me and prepare yourself: Though I am sure of our success, I can't promise it won't be a bumpy ride!

Leave a comment below or contact me at:
Daniel Labbe W85867
1 Administration Rd
Bridgewater, MA 02324

P.S. The photo is of my mom and me. I'm 37 years old and already losing my hair! Oh well! :)

A Haiku for You
[Potential yet seen
in the hidden seed of you
Welcome falling rain
by Daniel Labbe


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