Jan. 31, 2015

Our Moment

by William D. Linley (David) (author's profile)



Our Moment

My fellow Americans,

I implore you to step up now. Recent events have revealed how _our_ American justice system too often leans toward power, control, socialism and a desire of _some_ to transform us into a police state. This is _not_ the America I was raised to believe in and defend. _Not_ the America I spent 2-1/2 years in combat zones to support our way of life.

Do not miss the opportunity that the momentum of this moment has created! _Every_ American citizen should get involved (peacefully of course) to vote, write letters and protest.

Not your problem? Groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are actively recruiting disenfranchised, suffering American citizens to repeat attacks on U.S. soil similar to the Boston Marathon bombing. That was _one_ attack. In Iraq, 2004, we were experiencing _100 to 300_ attacks every day!

Over over-aggressive use of prisons, courts and parole system is stealing the hope of thousands, maybe millions, of people to ever become stable, secure, law-abiding citizens. Over 2 million people are in prison today. Over 8 million are floundering, scarred and caught up in parole, probation or ongoing court procedures. "Marked for life" and struggling to be fairly treated in the job and housing market. Then there is the ripple effect on children, family and communities...

Only together, as a nation, can we face this corruption and repair the damage done by a few greedy politicians and officials. Prisons should never be a "money making" or state employment opportunity that only succeeds by exploiting a defenseless population.

I _beg_ all the honorable, patriotic law-enforcement and correctional officers, prosecutors and judges to _please_ look beyond your own financial situation and peer pressure toward a more secure future for _all_ Americans. Do what is right before God Almighty and your good conscience. Do not allow a few corrupt, selfish people or organizations (like Unions) to intimidate you into silence. It's time to correct this unjust power grab so destructive to the fabric of America. Shouldn't the U.S. be a model of a great and successful justice system? An example of how a society has a "declining" prison population (ours is increasing), where citizens regain their lives, make proper reparations and can gladly become law-abiding citizens without being hounded every time they walk down the street?

When I used to think, "Anyone in prison is scum!," how wrong I was to hold that view. "They deserve to die or be kicked out of _my_ country!," I believed. I've seen the truth. There are very few truly evil, hardcore criminals in prison. But a system eager to generate arrests, prosecutions and lengthy prison terms. Many of my family, friends, fellow patriots, Marines, sailors and soldier buddies as well as church friends have similar views as I once did. Police and prisons _are_ needed and very important to our free democratic republic, but it has become so unbalanced. So internally self-protective to cross the line into criminal and moral corruption. What happened to us?

It always makes me sad when I remember that the only time I've ever had to rely on my P.O.W. (prisoner of war) training was during the 3 years I was in County jail awaiting trial. Continuous and daily, low-level forms of harassment, intimidation, fear, violence, sleep deprivation... use of privileges, food, water, safety, showers and medication to "control"... a borderline "slave" labor environment... all designed to "break a person's will" so they will more easily submit to a sentence, plea bargain or cop out. The regular use of monitoring mail, phone and visits to give prosecutors information and leverage in court proceedings.

I feel great hope in seeing Americans of all colors standing up for justice. Let there be no mistake about this critical juncture of American history. Stand now for a better America or sit back and watch as our enemies gain ground, then we really become a police state (e.g. Germany - 1939, Rome - 100 B.C.).

Sending this letter is a _great_ personal risk for me. It could lead to severe harassment and years of suffering for me. Revealing corrupt practices or standing up for justice within the prison system often results in threats, job loss, eventually violence, new criminal charges and even death. Death is usually illness without care or other inmates you're forced to house with. So, what are you willing to do today to restore America into the proud and just nation our forefathers intended?

William D. Linley

[Attached: Receipt and check from William Linley's trust fund in the amount of $1.00]


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phxfinn Posted 9 years, 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 3 months ago   Favorite
You had 3 letters posted this week. The letter about getting the PTSD group going, and 2 posts sent with the check. Aside to this, nothing was posted since August.

As for what you can do for people when you get out... I bet speaking to troops about the repercussions of untreated PTSD and Mental Illness would go a long way after what you've experienced!

Congrats on the PTSD group! I guess for now that's the best you can ask for by way of services.

Your latest letters were very deep! You are right, people need to fight for justice in this country.

Especially when it comes to how close this country is to falling apart politically and monetarily. Princeton just published a study sleeping that we are no longer a democracy but an oligarchy, run by some elite corporations, and laws are passed based on those corporations and not on the American majority. GMO food is a good example. 92% of Americans support labeling but a series of State attempts to label have been crushed, and while some states have passed them, at the federal level they are discussing a law that would disallow states from requiring GMO labeling. Disgusting since over 30 other countries label or ban outright GMO's. So we are no longer a democracy... Now what?!

On a positive, I'm going to try visit in late February or early March. I probably won't be able to provide notice so it might be a surprise visit. I'm working on a letter I'm get mailed out maybe next week.

Take care.

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