Oct. 24, 2011


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Why is our society so uptight about sex? Isn't it widely recognized by psychologists and psychiatrists that forcing people to suppress their natural sexual tendencies cause mental problems? What does it matter to anyone who another person has sex with or in what ways they do it? If you force someone to deny their sexual tendencies, it will cause stress and depression, and could even lead to violence and crime.

I know my personal beliefs on this subject will cause a serious uproar, but I feel that if it's consensual and all people involved are beyond the point of puberty, then it's all right. Of course, all persons involved should also be mentally competent. If my ideas on this are wrong in some areas, I believe the over all theory would prove itself out in the end.

Anyway, we all must admit that our days are much more enjoyable if we are having sex regularly. If anyone denies this, I strongly suggest that they go out and get laid more often.

Peace :)

Feel free to respond to any of my blogs in any way you wish. A wise man knows only one thing for certain, and that is no man can ever know everything.


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