Nov. 18, 2015

Redemption, Ltr 116

From Redemption by Ray Jones (author's profile)


REDEMPTION, LTR. 116 King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar

I want everybody to know that I have faith in the future of our own black nation in being the strongest around the world in Afrika, because I believe that our black culture merits an honorable place amongst the culture of the world, an' I believe that whenever us blacks appreciate our own culture, and learn everything we can from science, mathematics, mechanics, we will be on the road to redemption, becoming one of the dominant races in the world.

But the trouble is us blacks have lost faith in our abilities, in feeling we need to show out for our oppressors, because slavery done messed up the minds of many blacks suffering from a slave mentality. As the white man's machines have been too much for our confidence; as our aims to please our oppressors; trying to find salvation by imitating the ones who have kept us in chains; an' making us forget what we need to be doing: rebuilding our black nation. Because the rich & educated classes among us blacks do their utmost to achieve assimilation to the whites, as some of us blacks done forgot where we came from. Our black nation everywhere has put us on the map an' we need to take our land back or continue to be some sell-outs. As Afrika is still under the control of Europeans, because us blacks gave up wanting our own home; fighting for freedom & social justice; not wanting to vacation to our motherland; to assist a continent of blacks in showing them how to rebuild our black nation.

As I feel we done let our people down by not uniting our black cultures that could bring us together into the world. A fresh outlook on the spiritual, humanitarian principle; a principle of human friendship & service to the community... Us blacks done made a fool of ourselves by not persevering our black culture that is being ripped off, as everybody wants to go European as soon as they can an' our people selling out to wannabe puppets used by the system...

The Afrikan & Black American problem continues to persist as we refuse to love our brothas & sistas; that our cultures must be freed, formulated $ developed; and this cannot be done without a change in the present system because us blacks cannot develop our culture until we is all free in moving out of this racist AmeriKKKa...


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