April 10, 2011

Effective Tools to Help You while in Prison

From Poetic Coup by Marvin D. Wilson (author's profile)


Effective Tools to Help You While in Prison

-Don't waste time. Take every opportunity to improve yourself. Go to school to get a HSED, not to kick it with old (or new) homies that only want you around for their protection or entertainment. Learn a trade so you can find employment once you get out and don't have to resort to selling drugs or doing any other criminal activity as an option. Or get a job to have some work experience with learning how to deal with an employer, and learn how to save and budget money. Be responsible.

-Don't waste what you earn. Don't waste money. Save the money you make or that your family and friends send you. Don't waste money on canteen, shoes, etc. You may need it for legal purposes or to prepare for release.

-Don't think it is necessary to keep the same associates and mindframe that got you into prison. Ask yourself: what are your priorities now? Is it accepted by your peers to remain "in the hood" or do you learn what you can and not come back? They aren't doing your time. You are. If you want to stay out, change. Change is hard but needed.

-Don't be afraid to ask questions from other prisoners about how to file a complaint, how to address an issue of concern, or what to expect from your appeals lawyer. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Put your pride and fears to the side. They will only hurt you. You will not learn any answers to prison (or life's) situations if you don't ask any questions to yourself and others.

-Develop a sense of self. The only way to do this is to read and learn history. Most people come into prison not knowing much about who they are. Once you develop a sense of self and purpose, you will have life perception and know what your priorities are.

-Avoid senselessness and games that take up precious time you could be using to learn the law, self-improvement, and reading books that challenge and develop your mind. Although it entertains the mind for a while, don't get caught up in the urban/hood book craze because it only perpetuates similar activities, mindframe, and behavior that brought you to prison.

-Take care of your health. The medical care in prison sucks. Exercise. And if you play sports, avoid bickering over a call or foul. Keep good sportsmanship in mind. Nothing wrong with walking away. Keep your priorities in mind.

-Stay out of the hole. It is hard to work on your appeal from the hole. You can't have contact visits. You can't go to school, get a trade, or earn money in the hole. If you get visits and go to the hole, you family is affected by it. So consider them before you think about getting in trouble that may send you to the hole.

-Learn and understand the law so your lawyer (or jailhouse lawyer) can't tell you anything or manipulate you. If you can't read well, this is why going to school is necessary. Your life is on the line.

-Contact and utilize all available "Books to Prisoners" programs to get dictionaries, books, etc.

-Take any available programs that the prison offers. It may be beneficial to your growth.

June 11, 2010
Marvin D. Wilson


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