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by William Keith Thomas (author's profile)
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Reply to: "Ajj13"

Hello Alyssa!! Thank you for your comments! Its good to know that someone has read that blog!
So much has happened since...by the way, you are more than welcomed to write me directly, and that includes any one else. I will respond to each and all.
I am putting a web site herein so that people can learn even more about me...Back in 2013 I was asked by a film company to do an interview for a documentary. I did it.
At the time I was under the impression it was about the realities of prison life, so I gave her my story...as it turned out the film was an attack on capitalism...between that haves and have nots...where else on this planet can a person with no formal education, broke ass...social security...put a few weeks together with a catchy hood and make a millions dollars and be heard over 1000's of radio stations?
At any rate, this system is by no means an utopia, but its the best and strongest system put together by man...in my opinion, God bless the U.S!!
My beef is the treatment I have endured for the last 23 years. In 2007 my mom, & soul support, died. All the help I was given came from her. People do not know what being poor real means...everything I had was taken and lost.
That means, my radio, headphones, clothes, and well everything. (I have a law suit in the Wichita Falls County Court) every single thing I own in life will fit in a paper bag!
The shame of this is, is how it came to be...by people who are given power any authority over someone else and the first thing they learn about it is to abuse it...
Please don't get me wrong, not all "officers" in here are bad. But when it comes to them having to stand-up for an "inmate" they will not do so. There has been an execation(?) from time to time, but these "officers" were labeled "inmate friendly" and after that they are dead in the water as for obtaining rank.
I have spent 18 years in solitary confinement for defending myself against officers who had the idea of going other inmates to try and kill me. Yes, its not an exaggeration.
I am known in this system as "C.D." That name stands for "Crash Dummy". Yes, its a stupid name and I hate it. But I was given that name in the early '90's on the Robertson unit for the sole reason I was fighting every day. I was put in the "square" out in the fields by the "Field Laws" cause I was white and would fight. We had more than 120 fights and I've won maybe 20 of them, but I was not in the bottom of the pecking order!
These person "families are actually a good thing. But I do not expect the "public" to accept that. They vet their prospects thoroughly and put them through the fire. Guys with chica sex cases , or sex cases for that matter, are trash and if its found out they have such a case and got made, they most likely will be life fighters off the lush.
I have helped in such a time or two...
I talk of some of this in that interview, listen to it...
Alyssa, I would welcome any questions you have about life in here. Its brutal, violent and hard. If any wantta be gangster thinks it an easy ride in here, then more stupid he can not be!!
I was caught with a single gram of dope...I was given 25 years for it. (The only dope case I've ever caught.) I've been here now for 23 flat years! What I miss most is friendship. You do not make "friends" in here. If ya do then your not too bright. In here you are made a "bro" or an associate. Friends are for the free-world.
Its possible that I cold be released this year...
I'm hoping...Please people, write me directly...

William K Thomas
684117 Ja Unit
2101 Fm 369 nl(?).
Iowa Park, Tx. 763367

To see my interview for that film called "The Divide"
Go to:


(Here is a picture of me)
(The month I got locked-up.)

[Photo of a man with long dark hair and his shirt open flanked by two women; one blonde labeled 'AMY' on the left of the photo and one with dark hair labeled 'DEBBIE' on the right of the photo]

Debbie my sister, Me, Amy x-wife
At a concert in Piano, Texas summer of 1992.
The blonde is my x-wife.



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