March 18, 2017

Lazarus Project

by William Goehler (author's profile)



Credentials Of Ministry

This is to certify that the bearer hereof was ordained
this date: July 21, 1998
Name: William Goehler
Address: P.O.W. 409020 #K77832
City: Ione, CA 95640


After 20 years of random - V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - reflections, unraveling mysteries, I've arrived at the conclusion that someone other than those degrading robots infesting the Psych. Dept, needs to take over the necessity level reigns and open a S.O.U.L. Clinic in order to set the captives free! As it were, in accord with Luke 4:18, if I may be so bold.

SOUL, in this case, synonymous with Psych., is an acronym for: Science Of Understanding Life. And Science of course is simply defined by Websters as- "[L] Having Knowledge, to know, to split." Thus this S.O.U.L. Clinic simply offers Self-examinations to others who have the time - and inclination - for introspection. To help "split" the corpo reality from the Spiritual Cause of it all. Awakening Sleeping Beauty, in fact... those Titans of old who sadly suffer amnesia. A "sad effect" easily enough remedied with Affinity, Reality and Communication (A.R.C.) engagements.

This is my role then, as Prince Charming: First I gauge the psychometry(soul + measurement) of the Lazarous Candidate in order to determine their condition - as Spiritual Beings with amnesia caused by (A.R.C. breaks/trauma) regrets and failures. It's a simple enough exorcise to provoke them up to apathy by appealing to similar Victims which this Judeo-Christian culture has been conditioned To BE in sympathy with. Hence my CCH formula(Control-Communication-Havingness), utilizing problems of similar magnitude, I present a postulate of: "The Prison Boom Holocaust". This ploy is taken from the playbook of CATASTROPHY (from Greek-to overturn), which we know revives a new nation, lets say; a Holocaust Nation.

My only hurdle/handicap thus far, having re-established my role as SIG(Scientology's Inside Guy) these last few years here, developing and maintaining my SPO(Scientology Prison Outreach) creation - despite the "Powers That Be" counter efforts, which many amnesiacs have watched with trepidation - happens to be the same hurdle Scientologists face in their altruist endeavors everywhere where we must shortcircuit the implanted resistance of Help-As-Betrayal. "Is this Scientology", I hear time and time again. Of course not, I assure them... Unlike Scientology, I will not impose a (group) moral standard to belittle you, trusting that your personal integrity will DO what's needed. And further more, this S.O.U.L. Clinic exorcise is free. The only thing required from you is your time to consider several Questions, which I need your help with - to post upon my blog site for the world to see this modern day holocaust from our Point Of View. This of course ushers in the Victim tone, for propitious examinations of relevant Q's (relevant [L] to raise up) - you see? A litmus test to cull-out the disabled and the parasites, in order to find the Lazarus Candidates with enough grit to help "others" see "our" POV(an Un-individuation exorcise).

Of the approx. 60 WHISPERS Questionnaires I've disseminated thus far to those I've screened as having even the slightest interest, I expect superficial answers as best, from only a small fraction of them(10% = six replies with written answers will be a surprise), tho I've assured everyone that I must re-write the interviews wherein they can choose to remain Anonymous. Of those few who write-up their draft of interview answers, I'm planning on scheduling a follow-up to have them clarify and/or elaborate where necessary... and in doing so, ultimately vet these prospect-candidates with the HCCL quartet in order to establish the necessity level gradient they're able to engage in future processes, i.e. to ward unhypnotizing amnesiacs.

This is what I intend anyway. To what end - other than endeavoring to stay sane here in this psychotic environment? Well, I must admit that much like that proverbial pharisee [lit. separate] "Saul", who became "Paul"[restrain], who created the idolatrous Christian Religion (religion [L] religare - to restrain, tie back)... well, I too intend to initiate a paradigm shift! Dare imagine a Legion of Self-determined and responsible Titans who'll dethrone any and all Zeus-complex SP^15(Suppressive People) inhibiting ARC. Yes, of course I understand the apparency of this "insane certainty/sacrilige" - from the perspective of status quo Priest-Hoods. But all we need DO is look around at the condition of the c.e. fabrications to see the necessity level available to harness a new nation in this tapestry of time. The Wrong Thing To Do Is Nothing, I'm told!

So without further ado, the first interview will be my sacrifice of WG by Od(we all suspected it would happen sooner or later). Fiat Lux! Set the scene upon this stage under a lone Tree in the wilderness - east of the garden - and cue Whispers:

WHISPERS: Hello Will, it'sss ssso good to sssee you again. Back from the drought for a refresher course? You know the process then - state your name this life for the record.
WG: I AM, as I HAVE always been! viz: Free WILL-IAM! Just you look at my scars of re-vitalization and see - For the Love of Truth - you subtle fiend: I wear my tussles as a Crown of dis-integration! I AM HERE-NOW merely to purge re-vitalizing Intell I HAVE gained, in order to nourish this withered Tree.
WHISPERS: "WILL-IAM!"? Very well. Then that makes me Sam-IAM(from Samuel, meaning: Heard of God), doesn't it?
WG: So it does infact and indeed!
WHISPERS: Now proceed with your sado-masochist tattoo process, and purge the Q-views applying the shot-gun tech, please.
WG: Hark! A disenchanting Trumpet playing Taps - for me? A Threshold Key-in?
WHISPERS: Yesss, melodramatics is your aesthetic visa. Well done. Proceed.

WG: Let's see; I AM interviewee #1. I AM 54 yrs old. I AM Teutonic. Conviction^(5): Sutter Co (SC), Yuba Co (YC), Los Angeles Co (LAC). All three with Public Defenders (pun intended).

Comments: By god, you're damn tootin I've got comments! I made them work for their (SC)/(YC) convictions - unlike the (LAC) conviction, where as a young sherm-head(PCP smoker), I was duped into a no-contest plea - to feed the penal beast and clean the streets for their Los Angeles World Olympics in 1984. Both 1997(YE) and 2000(SC), sowed the fruit of that (LAC) seed - in every way! Strategically demanding a speedy trial (YC), dismissed charges twice before a jury sentenced me for a circumstantial possession of explosives case based upon a premature Brutum Fulmen display. Court records stipulated a preservation of Federal Rights violations for appeal - and these were validated by a Federal Magestrate a mere year later - at the same time my sprouts were sacrificed to Sutter County Child Services. Returning to court, challenging my parental rights, permitted me to 'complete' my primary mission to avenge the 84 conviction - and consequently I received a consecutive 25 yr-to-Life sentence for perforating the court appointed "Public" Defender. This case made moot my Appeal effort on the previous case as far as I was concerned at the time, and so I dropped the Explosives Appeal in order to concentrate fully on the Attempted Murder case - strategically pleading insanity, in order to permit a public scrutiny of Child Services Dept. statistics, as my "casus belli".

Was the sentence^(5) fair? Let's see: Assault by Prisoner with Deadly Weapon on Non-Confined(SC) carries a sentence of 2yrs/3yrs/or 4yrs. I'd say those are "fair" sentences. In my case though, I was sentenced to an indeterminant term or 25 yrs-to-Life, to be served consecutive to the 25 yrs-to-Life sentence for (YC) Possession of Explosives near residence, which carries a sentence of 2yrs/4yrs/or 6yrs. Two 'consecutive' 25 years-to-LIFE sentences: NOT so "fair", I think. Though I do sleep better having stabbed a 300Lb child-custody Lawyer who has duped who knows how many parents into relinquishing their child-ren to the foster-care system.

Is Prison what I expected - as the media projects? I served a few years at Folsom in the 1980's, where I received my GED - took some college classes - worked in the print shop - and married my first wife Shirley Bennett-Burrows, after she moved from Alexandria, VA (near DC). My last year at Folsom was mostly spent in the conjugal apartments enjoying conjugal rights - so: Prison is pretty much the same as in any other environment, in that it is what we decide it's going to be. The first decade of this new prison term was also as I decided it to be - a pure hell! Remarried to my second wife Debbie Skiver, who I left homeless with our young'ins...all of us carrying a certain degree of PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Dysfunction), I'd FAILED them miserably! Now, after two decades, I'm thinking: What in hell was I thinking - throwing in the towel on my appeal which I'd worked so hard to secure?! The media projects prison as a ghetto of thugs and 'victims' of Justice, as I watch on the T.V. program "LOCKDOWN" aired on the JUSTICE NETWORK. It's not the Prison System of the 80's, but it is the real-pathetic-deal now it appears. Convicts have become Inmates, and the invasion of Psychs pump their psychotropics to help manage the confusion of Crime and Punishment.

How do I make it psychologically acceptable to deal with my crimes and corresponding time? I've confronted every challenging angle in the Labyrinth of Thought, until at last I understand. Viz: Living the life of riley in my youth, my Prodigal Son wanderings from Coast-to-coast-to-coast, since beginning my career in the juvenile justice system from 13yrs-to-17yrs, serving a 6 month sentence for vandalizing a school - I couldn't help but brag about my sexual conquests. Enter stage-left(LAC): Diana. Much like Artemis of old, played a seductive game I couldn't resist as a virile 20 yr. old with a case of satyriasis to make up for lost time... discussing my sex-life with her daughter - my [ex] girlfriend - who was playing house elsewhere at the time... led to a demonstration and a repeat performance when I returned from a store-run with refreshments. A month or so later, Diana, much like Artemis, countered my boastings with a claim of rape - effectively turning Acteaeon into a Stag to be hunted (to put it in terms of Greek Mythology). My "no-contest" plea in this case was just that! I say consensual - and a month after the fact, she says rape. Let the court weigh the facts! Of course the Public Defender had assured me I'd get a 6 month rehab. program to spare her a humiliating trial, so I pled. A later sentencing court slammed the gavel down with a 10 year sentence which I couldn't appeal. Psychologically... I'd been burnt! (Holocaust-like), and I'd determined to avenge my stupidity. I remember Lawyer Galleger to this day - damn his wretched soul! A stag I was... and I spent the following few years sharpening my antlers with Bible studies/scientology studies/legal research/and through the mail being idealistically "radicalized" with Christian-Identity dogma, prospecting for the Phinehas Priesthood. I left prison with a score to settle! Well, well! Looky what bubbled up to view, Sam IAm: Pleading No Contest at my Arraignment, had warranted a 90-day Psych-Observation. I remember being housed in a unit with other youngsters too vulnerable to be amongst the general population convicts and wondering WHY? Suffering severe Analytical Attenuation, it's obvious that PCP had succeeded to disable me more than I'd realized. Could it be, you crafty devil, that the lofty Judge(s) seen my flailing demeanor as indication that I needed the prison culture to develop virtue which civilization domesticates and impedes? It did just that then - yet, when new laws passed a year before my release requiring rape convictions to register as a sex-offender the rest of this life... at 27, that was gunna be too long and that is when I'd determined virtue would avenge. I'll be damned if I'd willingly register that brand the rest of this life! For the sake of my Soul. I'm grateful Diana sent the hounds of redemption before I'd become mired further in mest! A serendipitous catalyst it was, which made me all I AM. Upon release 12/89, I was certain the 90's would be the death of me - having observed White Christian Patriots set-up or executed around the country in the 80's! With this as my stable datum, I looked for a light-hearted gamine to replace my prison wife - who was far too prone to play the victim role. Seven years of Sunshine in my life, permitting me the domestic bliss experience. It was a very special freedom Debbie shared with me - and I'll cherish her for that forever. I'd like to think it was silly gamine games which caused me to forget my avenging purpose... but as I purge upon this withered Tree, I see a prison psych in 91 - who had me heavily medicated on anti-psychotic knee-bucklers, offer to hypnotize away the pain of my mother passing away with cancer my first year out in 1990. SOB! "Forget" is what he emphasized - Forget EVERYTHING! Forget the PAIN, Forget the VENGEANCE. SOB! My damned head feels like it's inside a hermetic chamber - and my adrenaline is spiking... SOB! Well well well (deep breath and mock laughter): yup, I did that - knowing there'd be a Blk. Dn. "FORGET" implant, so I'd long before established a by-pass circuit to record such times

WHISPERS: Pardon my interruption Will, but how many 'such times' have you 'recorded'?
WG: Yea, talk about stuffy hermetic chambers


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