July 13, 2018

The Cracks In Me

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The Cracks In Me

Hello, everyone. The Spirit told me to write this down and share it with his children. That all of us, whether we believe in him or not, he still loves us.

I had a dream and in it, my body was covered in cracks and I didn't even know it. Then the dream shifted inside my head so that I could see my brain and was covered in cracks, but they were a lot worse. Then I could see the energy that was mine, and it also had many tiny cracks in it. Then a white cloud descended and touched my body. As soon as it touched me, I felt an overwhelming sense of love and peace. This cloud sank into my chest and filled my heart with so much love I cried. Then the cracks in my soul began to be filled up with the white cloud and then the terrible cracks in my mind filled up, and the cracks in my body slowly began to fill. The white cloud is the spirit of Father God and I knew all the cracks were damaged caused by my experience in this twisted life.

We all have these cracks. It's what has been done to us, taught to us in this dark and twisted world. God's Spirit of Love will fill us up and heal us, and allow us to see the world and life the way the Father intended it to be. If we just let him. I beg you, for your own sake, open up yourself to the Father and let his awesome love fill your cracks and heal them. God bless you all. :)

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