March 21, 2019

Time to do you

by Gary Field (author's profile)


From: GARY FIELDS, ID: M05398
To: Laura Field, CustomerID: 19596870
Date: 11/14/2018 3:52:47 PM EST, Letter ID: 506868937
Location: 401
Housing: D2203L

Gary Field
DC #M05398
Everglades C.I.
1599 SW 187 Ave.
Miami, Fl.

Time to do you

It's time you add a brilliant splash of color,
To the black and gray tones of your life-
The time has come for you to discover
What you've been missing as a mother and wife.

From the time you left your mother's home
You've struggled to do for others first -
Soon you own hopes were dashed liked waves into foam.
Feeding others and denying your thirst.

You've made decisions based on others needs,
Always putting your own dreams on hold -
Never following just where your spirit leads,
But holding back and being controlled.

I'm not saying your time had been wasted,
You've done the things you felt you needed to do -
But there's a slice of life you've never tasted,
And now it's time for you to just "do you!"

Right now you're in the prime of life,
You've grown on every steep of the way-
You've been as good mother and as good wife,
Now there's another role for you to play.

Lift the lid and take a peek at your soul,
Explore those things you've been putting aside-
It's time for you to just "go for the gold!"
The time has come for you to open your eyes.

There'll come a time when you're looking back,
Let it be upon a life that was full-
Add a rainbow splash to the gray and black,
Grab that brass and give it a pull.

You've done for others for so long,
The more you gave the more they would demand-
But who was there to dry your silent tears,
Just to listen and to understand?

Let your new task to be remove the mask
And discover who you really are-
And whoever wonders or dares to ask,
Let them ask it of a rising star.

You've spent enough time standing in the shire,
Watching other ships go sailing by-
You know in your heart there's something more'
And you won't find it unless you try.

Take Simone time just to sit and think,
To get a grip on reality-
Take the time to find the missing link,
Who is it you really want to be?

Then when the time comes for the rocking chair,
Girl, you'll be rocking it with a smile-
With sweet memories that you can share,
Of a life that had been worth while.

Plant your own garden within your soul,
A place that you can call your own-
The time has come for you to take control,
And the Queen in you to take her throne!


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