July 6, 2019

Dear Reader......6/23/19

by Douglas Blaine Matthews (author's profile)



Dear Reader,
Hey. I hope you are doing well!

Due to an unexpected event that took place, I'll be writing about someone else today. Or rather, the memory of her.

I was listening to the news. It was more like background noise as I worked on something else. But then I heard a familiar name. And that something horrible had happened to her.

Woman beaten to death in Lake City! And her handicapped child was injured as well.

I was hoping it wasn't her, but the news confirmed it. And I felt the sorrow wash over me.

I didn't know her as well as one might know a friend. But I knew her well enough to want something good for her in her life. And what's more, I heard on the news made me want that for her even more.

She was a nurse here on the row. She was nice, kind, and helpful. She treated me like I was a human being. And I believe that's how she was with everyone.

When we think of the kind of personality a nurse should have... she had it. She cared about her patients and she helped them... us.

This is a loss. Not just to us on the row, but to everyone whose lives she was a part of.

I never heard anything bad said about her and, believe me, when there's something bad to be said about someone, it goes around quick!

I won't comment on the case except to say this: I saw nothing in her workplace personality that would hint that she had any capability for violence.

As flawed as the justice system is in this state, it does work—for the most part. So, we should allow it to do what it does.

Ms. Mauk was a kind and caring nurse. She treated us like we were human beings. She was soft-spoken and had this look of curiosity in her eyes any time she was spoken to. Like what one had to say mattered to her. And if she could help, she did.

Let's remember her for all her great qualities in life!

She didn't deserve to go out this way. She should have lived until she was a hundred, had a full head of gray hair, and gone to sleep one night after a fulfilling day with peace in her heart. And she should have simply moved on while dreaming of puppies and kittens playing together. Who doesn't smile when thinking of that? :)

She is a soul worth remembering.

Until next time.

Yours truly,

Rest in peace
Ms. Mauk



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