Jan. 18, 2021

The Wretched.......Know Your Enemies, From Your Friends

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"Know Your Enemies, from Your Friends"

"The oppressor is fighting you in the morning, fighting you at noon, fighting you at night, and fighting you in-between, and you still think it's wrong to fight them back! WHY?"
-Malcom X

January 6, 2021, the "great citidal" of "Democracy" and this "extraordinary" Republic, the United States' Capitol, is literally being bumrushed and ransacked vie immensely angry WHITE PATRIOTS and TRUMP SUPPORTERS = those whom deeply desire to "Make America Great Again!," i.e., to return to those times whence "White Power" was a blatant and unapologetic reality, even as passionately upheld and promoted via "Liberal" white folks. The title of this article, "Oxymoron," is chosen to point out a crucial point, indeed to high-light an obvious and serious contradiction, which is this fundamental FACT:


Well, atleast that's what "my logic" informs my radical mind as certainly representing the reality of the matter. As the very idea of a genuine "democracy," quite naturally, entails those principles concerning, of a functional level, the extension and recognition of inalienable civil and political rights, rights which are to be all-encompassing and non-discriminatory in their application, how, I query and ask, can it be honestly said and held, that "democracy" has ever been nothing more than "illusory," in this country of hypocrits?
In fact, even with regards to those "models" in which Europeans looked to emulate as their examples of "democracies," such as that of "Ancient Greece," the "Roman Empire," etc., these, too, were nothing more than "patriarchal" and "xenophobic" polites or white male systems of domination on every conceivable plane. The Western-World's "Enlightenment" Movement, was really motivated by the scientific ideas and technological methods aimed towards White Supremacy and Capitalist exploitation on a global scale.

Enlightenment = "Those of the light" = White men

Thus, not even their "revolutions" were really motivated by and nor rooted in sincere ideas or principles which were aimed towards construction socio-economic and political orders built upon genuine "democratic" conditions, unless you be willfully blinded via their mendacity. Amerika's history is most clear as regards just WHO the ideas and practices of "democracy," were intended to be applied to or whom these could be exercised by: WHTIE MEN OF WEALTH AND POWER.
Of course, this is the very reason so-called "African-Americans"--i.e., New Afrikans--Native peoples, Asians and the majority of even white folks weren't afforded the "right" to cast a damn "vote." This reality, is the actual "Great America," in which racist=fascist like President Donald Trump, to my mind the bulk of the white male power structure, Democrats and Republicans and/or Libreals and Conservatives, desire to return to, if such were feasible. As WE KNOW, everything in which New Afrikan people have managed to secure and achieve in this country of hypocrisy, ONLY came as a direct consequence of GREAT and ONGOING SACRIFICES, PERIOD!
Thus, in all reality THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT WE AS A PROUD AND BOLD PEOPLE OF RESISTANCE HARDLY OWES TO THIS COUNTRY, ESPECIALLY NOT THAT OF OUR SPECIAL TYPE OF LOYALTY OR PATRIOTIC SENSIBILITIES. New Afrikan people have managed to secure and achieve, via HARD STRUGGLES, ALL that we have, not by the "compassion" and "kindness" of the white male power structure, but ONLY by our being loyal to our OWN INTERESTS.
However, this FACT seems to have been FORGOTTEN by those Black folks who've "elevated," sense too many of this "class" have the quite illogical and wrong attitude, i.e., too many whom are "well-off," seem to think and believe that somehow OUR PEOPLE are obliged to display loyalty and appreciation to Amerika--e.g., the Democratic and Republican Parties, etc. --which has NEVER extended this same degree of loyalty and nor appreciation towards New Afrikan people, as is precisely WHY there is a "Black Lives Matter" Movement afoot, correct?
What those whom "crashed" the Democratic and Republican Parties, on January 6, 2021, were and are infuriated about is the fact of "People of Color" exerting our influences, in terms of policies and agendas supportive of our interests. Understand, "they mean, what they say": "This is OUR country," "This is OUR White House," "This is OUR Capitol," "This is OUR Constitution," etc. To their distorted way of "thinking," both the Democratic and Republican Parties, with the exception of Trump & Company, are and continues to "SELL THEM OUT!" They feel and believe that THEIR INTERESTS = PRIVILEGES, STATUSES, JOB SECURITY, OPPORTUNITIES, ETC., are being "sacrificed."
By the MILLIONS, white folks are of the mind that their concerns, which are "paramount," are "on-the-line," by the fact of People of Color, the COLONIZED, asserting our human rights. They could careless about some damn "Class Struggle," since for their type, THOROUGH REACTIONAIRES, white male reality transcends ALL other concerns. This is exactly WHY they actually perceive and look towards "Trump & Company" as their SAVIOURS. This includes even some of the very Law Enforcement and Military Personnel "guarding" the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The same is true of MOST Prison Guards, etc.
What was actually derived form what transpired in Washington , D.C., for this radical mind, is the FACT of it being a "great imperative," indeed SANE OBLIGATION, for US as a people to begin thinking and approaching matters of socio-economic and political struggles from the stretegio-tactical perspectives of.... EFFECTIVE PARA-MILITARY SECURITY, via ORGANIZATIONAL PREPARATIONS, as a PERMANENT REALITY in our communities.
The security of our communities--e.g., organizations, movements, churches, mosques, temples, children, leadership, etc.--must (be)come PRIORITY. Clearly, White Supremacy and FASCISM are intensifying across Amerika. As such, this is certainly an ominous and dangerous development--i.e., an "existential threat"--in which WE must take-to-heart as an intelligent and competent people, since if we fail to do what is wise of us, we shall surely feel the consequences of our irresponsible and indifferent passivity.
Instructively important, let us not default become the "casualties of illusions," as regards a failure to EVER remember the REAL and FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEMS are, and have always been the White male Supremacist Ruling Class, in which BOTH the Republican and Democratic Parties--"Two Sides of the same Sword"--are, on an ultimate and practical level. The contradictions which are emerging and manifesting "before our eyes," are really those which prevail that of the Capitalist-Imperialist ruling Oligarchy, as it is truly THEIR political and strategio-tactical conflicts, on the plane of socio-economic and military interests, which are at the root of the developments we're witnessing and experiencing playout across the country via particularly the White mass-body.
In other words, let the radically competent of us ever keep at the forefront of our minds, that the reality is, it IS the White Power Structures (e.g., corporations, financial-banking entities, high ranking military and Intelligence folks, industrialists, etc.) which is and has ever been THE fundamental problems in which are responsible for the exploitation, oppression and domination of Black or New Afrikan peoples and indeed that of the greater portion of the World, of course in conjunction with their quite compliant and collaborative neo-colonial AGENTS = "Black Face, White Masks," etc., if we're to be perfectly honest.

To be continued...


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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