Feb. 15, 2021

God is good!!!

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Date: 2/7/2021 12:47:34 AM
Subject: God is good!!!

Where do I begin!


Truth is-
Sometimes the goodness of God catches U off guard!!!
Happened 2 me less than an hour ago!!!
Here's all bout it!!!

While waiting on the shower I decided 2 take a gander at the release clothes catalog (an
Eastbay ,not a whole bunch,just one!) This one was outdated like the one I seen on another
unit. Either way. Nevertheless I paged through the July 2020 football edition,hoping 2 get my
design mind wet,well as see if I could find some yellow kicks 2 ask my brother 2 get me 4 my
welcome home fit!

Sadly there was nothing with a hint of yellow! Closet - white n gold kicks n gloves! Maybe next
time!!! Maybe if my glasses were white n gold. But as fate would have it,their yellow! Meanwhile
lotta shoes with cleats! I probably could pull em off but...Did see a couple cool pair of Jordan's.
Wouldn't mind designing least 1 pair of em! Gotta couple sketches I did under the Jordan logo in
my portfolio... Through at times I doubt I can live up 2 they design standards! I'm less likely 2 tell
a story with my designs n more apt 2 just design something I'd wear/think is hot!!! Even in funky
color ways that may not even match! But that's me tho'.

Did see some cool LeBrons n some ill Paul Georges n Kyrie's N even iler air max ... Then it
was on 2 the adidas section. Cool! Finally learned that the old school logo of theirs called
"trefoil". Pages after that I bumped into the kid section brought 2 U by Nike. My excitement
which remained less than stellar caught a heart attack when I reached the back cover!

No Way!!!

In a thought bubble were the boldest letter shouting
just under it ,a Hoka Clifton Edge
As I surveyed the details
"U may be selected as a prospective student at Pensole Academy,the world's only school
dedicated 2 footwear design."
...use pen,paper, or marker... no tracing allowed...

August 8

Excitedly I showed the ad 2 a friend n told him I was gone send that shoe design n one of my
originals 2 get evaluated by professional footwear designers! Y not?!? I'll be home soon n got
going 2 design school on my dream/vision board!
N wouldn't U know I first heard bout Pensole in January 2018 via a basketball magazine,Slam.
Within days I sat down n sketched out like 5 of my best designs n enclosed a bio manly
highlighting that I been designing shoes in my cell 4 the last 17yrs n craved professional
They never responded.
Even so
Maybe it wasn't time
Maybe now it is
Think bout it!

What R the odds I was coloring a Nike I designed early this afternoon!
What R the odds that I picked up designing again just last week as I got blessed with some
construction paper!
What R the odds I bought a 9x12 at canteen Wednesday 2 send something,not knowing exactly
What R the odds that I been Praying 4 a pick me up! something fun 2 do while I'm waiting on a
release date. Designing shoes will do
What R the odds that I checked out a graffiti book yesterday so I could get some exposure 2
art,colors, scenery, lessons etc.
What R the odds?!?

N even odder enuff in the midst of it all an "enemy" got all in my business n started asking what
all I b doin art wise
"I design clothes,shoes,bears,trinkets,n all kinds of stuff..." I replied while letting him see the pics
of some Jordan a friend sent

I wound up showering with a smile on my faced n joy in my heart!

God is good


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sean9rad Posted 2 years, 7 months ago. ✓ Mailed 2 years, 6 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post. Good luck on your journey to designing shoes! Pop off and wow us with your shoe designs!

Antoine Murphy Posted 2 years, 6 months ago.   Favorite
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humhum Posted 2 years, 6 months ago. ✓ Mailed 2 years, 5 months ago   Favorite
Hi! I love shoes and designs. There is a Nike SNKRS app that has sort of auction type for the crazy hyped shoes and ppl go CRAZY!!! Sometimes they randomly drop shoes on the app and all the resellers eat them up. Everyone tries to win that lottery but usually end up with the Sorry not this time! Happened to me with some nike dunks, the ben and jerry collab ones LOL. Anyways Good luck! Can't wait to see your designs!

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