March 7, 2021

Exploring The Necessity Of Hope

by William Goehler (author's profile)


Exploring the Necessity of Hope
By Dirk Brickman
Mule Creek State Prison

WE LIVE IN a world of thought. The mind is a projector, not a camera. Our mind projects our thoughts onto the consciousness, and our entire existence is a creation of the thoughts that dominate our mind. What's revelatory about this realization is: We're never more than a thought away from a whole new experience.
An awareness of this concept can turn adverse circumstances, such as imprisonment or living through a pandemic, into an opportunity for growth.
This knowledge is especially relative to an attitudinal belief system where we exist on a continuum fluctuating somewhere between hope and despair. Or, as Einstein declared in this paraphrased quote, The most profound decision a human being will ever make is the choice as to whether they live in a hostile or friendly universe.
Author Debbie Ford writes in Courage, "No one can teach us how to live; we have to learn it on our own in our own time. Even when we know what's right, what we do remains a choice."
As we learn and grow from experience, we develop better reasoning skills, and, hopefully make better choices. If we are building our life on a foundation that's principal-based, our choices are directed by these principles during the difficult times. Additionally, a belief in the intrinsic value of the value of the better side of our natures–good over evil, optimism over defeatism, hope over despair–leads us to a more hopeful outcome.
A hope-filled attitude backed by clear reasoning and pure concentrated thought directed on a specific task or intention enhances the chances of a satisfactory outcome. Another potential benefit is that hopefulness tends to attract others of a similar ilk. It aligns more closely with higher frequency energies associated with positivity.
In Power vs. Force, Dr. David Hawkins explains,
All of life is energy vibrating at varying levels of intensity. Every thought possesses vibratory energy. The lower emotions of anger, hate, fear and despair calibrate on the low end of the vibratory spectrum. By attuning ourselves with the higher frequencies through positive thoughts, meditation, inspiration, we're aligning with forces that attract similar energies.
It's the law of attraction.
Dr. Wayne Dyer writes in Power of Intention, "The entire universe is based on energy and attraction, this means that everything is vibrating at particular frequencies. When the frequency with which you are vibrating is in contradiction with the frequency of universal law, you create a resistance, thereby inhibiting the universal flow. Your thoughts can either emerge from a beingness that's in rapport with the laws of the universe or in contradiction."
If you desire harmony, kindness, patience, forgiveness, beauty, love, and believe in the possibility that life can live up to your expectations, a strong dose of hope is a necessity.

Every crisis is an opportunity to demonstrate Ability (or disability), you must agree. Consequently, realizing every Thought contributes toward the noosphere (the sphere of human consciousness and mental activity especially in regard to its influence on the biosphere and in relation to evolution), we can accept our responsibility as Creators within the actual cycle of action–and direct our Thoughts accordingly. Thought IS Boss.

Sadly though, there are far too many who don't understand current events ushering in a new era where diversity challenges community. It should not be a surprise that its because that dichotomy that is new era is even possible.


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grace.cotogno Posted 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 month, 4 weeks ago   Favorite
Dirk Brickman
Exploring the Necessity of Hope

I was extremely moved after reading this and felt emotionally connected to this author. I really liked the hopeful attitude that he had towards such an unpredictable experience. I do agree when he says "living through imprisonment or a pandemic can be used as an opportunity for growth." Having this mindset can be the change to an individual's outlook on unfortunate situations. This was such an eye opener for me to understand the circumstances of imprisonment and I think we can all learn and grow from reading this. It's sometimes difficult to understand the severity of a situation that you haven't gone through yourself, which is why I found this writing to be beneficial. It's important that we bring awareness to these things and really consider what others are going through. I agree with the last paragraph, "If you desire harmony, kindness, patience, forgiveness, beauty, love, and believe in the possibility that life can live up to your expectations, a strong dose of hope is necessity. Having an outlook like this is significant to one's personal growth and outcome of life.

William Goehler Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago.   Favorite
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