April 28, 2011


by George M. Gonzalez (author's profile)


April 17, 2011
George M. Gonzalez #793155
Santa Rosa Corr. Inst.
5850 E. Milton Rd.
Milton, FL 32583

Wasting away in this cold confinement cell,
I figure I have a story that some would like for me to tell...
Not long ago it seems, I was living life
to the fullest in Miami's most splendid scenes.
Now I'm stuck in this time capsule where
all my fond memories are nothing but a
distant dream.
A dream of what was and what could
have been;
How I'd gladly give it all to have
what I had then...
"This is wishful thinking," some might
dare to say;
Not knowing in what state my lonely heart
is in today.
Every day I reminisce on th date of
my return;
Only to break down in sorrow and despair
of greeting my loved ones in an urn.
Death comes sudden, like a thief in
the night;
Still, it seems much more comforting
than this place with so much fright.
The woman who I would have died for
and so long ago adored,
Is only a distant memory, and is
no longer here anymore.
Those I thought could be called
friends in good times and bad,
could be the one my children may
now be calling dad.
Locked in this living hell that society
calls retribution;
Is all a facade to keep men cooped
up in institutions.
Before I conclude, I'd like you all to know that there's no such thing as rehabilitation for those who are doing time. The only thing that's known is how to hate and commit more crimes.


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