Feb. 11, 2012

Savage World

From Poetic Coup by Marvin D. Wilson (author's profile)



When the government doesn't give us shit we gotta go out and make it
When the government doesn't give us shit we in the kitchen baking it
Debating it is secondary, on our mind is our money
The conditions in which we live in ain't even funny
Our focus be our money and doing what we must
Could our salvation be in this paper, it says in God we trust
Lusting after what we don't have not considering what we have
Playing ghetto game to penitentiary 'cause our money wasn't about our mats
Hustling just to be hustling, the government keep supplying our community
Keeping us blind without no unity, not seeing what they really be doing to me
Genocide and fratricide, keeping an invisible blindfold over our eyes
Like the old man said, "It's all by design," like Frankenstein's monster
They create monsters, then complain and wonder
Why we keep on going under
See AIDS and diabetes, wipe us out by genocide
Or fratricide over money, loose strings can't trust your guys
I'm wondering why brothers ain't waking up, they taking us for a race of fools
Like the Indians said, "The white man has no rules"
No morals, no values. Now that's true, woo wooing and boo wooing over what the white man doing
Stop laying down, turn around and start screwing him
See if he likes how it feels getting the raw deal
W-2 ain't go give my family a decent meal or pay my bills
So we sell dope, make our sisters hos
Helping them put the rope around our goddamn throats
Choking our growth and development, we need to stand up 'cause they scandalous
How they handling up, we got to let them know they gotta stop playing with us
Check out how they do it, I'm talking about the penitentiary game
Test-sits for chemical weapons while they tamper with your brain
Change your thought process, called rewriting the mind
Try to turn us into puppets, put a hand up your behind
It's they way or get the stick with the end with the shit on it
Revolution be the solution to put an end on it
Fuck a Rico Act, what the fuck is that
'Cause its targets are mostly black
That's your conspiracy, against you and me,
And this supposed to be the Land of the Free
Yeah, free to oppress me, free to arrest me
And run your motherfucking tests on me
You're testing me, you better wear your tesflon vest to sleep
I'm tired of you motherfuckers messing with me
You're disturbing the peace and you're supposed to be the motherfucker serving the peace
Keeping me tied up on some political treason,
Legislating new laws for diabolical reasons,
Just to pack a bunch of blacks in your fucking plantations,
Penitentiary industry ruling the nation,
Demonstration hate just because of my race
How many times you go try to play that ace
What's Affirmative Action when you renege every fucking time
I'm tired of you lying to me, holding my equal opportunity hostage,
Praying to God every night to put a stop to this.

Revealed by
Marvin D. Wilson

Poetic Coup


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