May 1, 2011

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From Mindful In Bedlam by Daniel Labbe (author's profile)


By Daniel Labbe

Today's Meditation: I believe in the idea that we are all on a great q/uest, one that spans lifetimes, and the culmination of this quest is to transcend the small self, the ego-attachments and conditioned patterns, until we eventually live as our true selves, we become whole and fully integrated beings. I also believe that everyone eventually succeeds. Rather than our behaviors being punished or rewarded, we reap consequences that will help us learn the lessons necessary for us to evolve. Punishment is more about revenge and exacting suffering onto a person in the name of Justice. But what about the idea that we should hold people responsible for their actions in the hopes of helping them grow through the experience of "appropriate" consequences? We can have compassion and hold people responsible. They may or may not learn a lesson, but this is secondary. For me, Karma isn't about punishment and reward, but about helping people learn the lessons they need to in order to progress toward enlightenment. My God never punishes or rewards, there is only consistent and steady stream of low, tough love sometimes, but love nonetheless,
With this view in mind I'd like to suggest that we consider the idea that every moment is perfect. Some might say, "What about then great injustice is being done, is that perfect?" Well, it is the perfect opportunity for those involved to stand up for themselves, to reach deep and do all they can to overcome the injustice, and in so doing learn the lesson, gain the wisdom that is appropriate for them in order to progress on their Quest. We all have inner obstacles, outdated beliefs, and some ineffective skills. This said, if we are to overcome these things it is often necessary to endure trials, we keep putting ourselves in difficult situations due to our own ignorance and until the pain of these situations is sufficient enough to motivate us to overcome our issue, then we won't be able to progress any further. We'll be stuck in a disempowering and static loop.
Every moment is a perfect opportunity to face our issues or celebrate life. We just happen to like the celebrating life portion better. Whenever hardship strikes, try asking yourself how this is perfect. Try to complete this sentence - "This moment is the perfect opportunity to..." Ask yourself, "What is, or could be, great about this? How can I turn this into an amazing opportunity?" You just may be surprised by the results.

Current Events: Thursday, April 28th, will be the first official meeting for the spiritual group I started here. Wish us luck!
I've been able to reintegrate meditation into my daily life. I find it extremely rewarding and revealing.
We might be starting an Art as Therapy program here. The program has been approved, only the D.O.C. wants us to provide our own art supplies, we are looking for donations (supplies, not financial) from Art Supply Stores, studios, and art schools. We need graphite drawing pencils, colored pencils, water colors, appropriate paper, etc... Old Colony has a large mental health population and art as therapy would be a great help. If you know anyone willing to donate supplies please write me so we can notify the proper people and receive the donations. The program is on hold until such supplies are available.
I'm working on some pieces now that I will put up on MyQuest when I'm finished. Kind of surrealism meets abstract. I'm a novice so don't expect much, hence the great need for this art program!

Book Review: Meditation, For Beginners by Stephannie Clement, Ph.D. is a fantastic introduction to meditation. I have studied meditation for some fifteen years and this is by far the most informative and comprehensive book on the subject I have read. Not only does Clement provide dozens of different techniques for meditation, she also thoroughly describes the likely results, obstacles you may encounter, and how to apply these techniques in everyday living. She has an uncanny ability to make some of the more esoteric subjects easily accessible and applicable. I would like to get a dozen copies of this book for your spiritual group here at Old Colony.
Today's Quote: "The belief that becomes true for me is that which allows me the best use of my strength, the best means of putting my virtue into action." - Andre Gide

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