March 23, 2012

Bad Behavior

by Andy Blackmore (author's profile)


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I had my mom print out and send a section of the 'State of Connecticut Department of Correction Offender Management Plan' as I plan to try parole to New Haven County vis-a-vis Interstate Corrections Compact. This 'PLAN' is the Holy Grail of Rehabilitations when compared to the endless "This Section Empty" areas relating to CALIFORNIA'S so called rehabilitations in our Title 15.

Why is it that such a simple solition adopted by a number of states is so impossible and unavailable in such a 'progressive' state as ours? If we follow the trail we find our answer: The CCPOR/CDCR.

You see, rehabilitating California's inmates is BAD BUSINESS to these people. If you fix the problem, no one comes back. If no one comes back, the GRAVY TRAIN ends. But there's another side!!

I know a lot of bloggers bring up the topic on this site and I am adding my 2 cents...(.79euros, $379.57 CANADIAN) AND THAT IS: WE INMATES ARE JUST AS RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN BEHAVIOUR as the CPCR is for doing their part to help us return. with or without a plan in place, ultimately the responsibility of behaving falls on the shoulders of the person who is making the decision to act out or not.

God, the devil, randon dj inns, commuting testers - they are making theiown DECISIONS AND we also have to decide: rob or job? Stab or sit down? shoot or just go surfing? It is a personal choice.

I've heard A LOT of excuses in the last 7 years: "I have to be a man", "My homie smade me do it", "My family was hungry" (that one i'm KIND of agreeing with); "They were rich, their insurance bought em new ones".

Sorry guys - you failed to stand up, do the right thing, set the example, act like a Christian (musician, BUDDHIST, etc) you ACTED INAPPROPRIATELY. THAT is why you're in prison.

I spent 34 years being a good person. 5 minutes of absolute stupidity cost me 8+ years of my life - I MADE A BAD CHOICE. I ACTED WRONG. No cop, c/o, judge,d/a 'made' me do anything. My ACTIONS WERE MY OWN, THAT is why I will always be more a man than many - I'm not blaming others.

Since arriving in prison, i do see how the desire to kill morons who desperately deserve it is so overwhelming. It takes more to not act than to act. Many c/o's encourage bad behaviour - it guarantees their paycheck. So lets do the hardest test of all - to all my fellow inmates - I dare you - I cahllenge you to act like a 'real' man and be civil, educate yourself, seek out help for your vices, BETTER YOURSELF. If you don't come back - no matter how evil that warden was - you WIN NOT THEM. Stay out - teach others how to stay out AND END THE PRISON NATION.





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