May 9, 2011

Parole Issues

From Poetic Coup by Marvin D. Wilson (author's profile)


512/2011 Greetings,
I hope this missive finds you doing okay. Enclosed is my next blog - "The APOCRYPHA Of Democracy." I have a collection of essays that all fall under this title. Actually, this is the name of one of the 4 books I have written that I am trying to get published. This book is just a taste of what I have to offer to readers that want to read about politics and religion. I hope you all learn something and enjoyed what you have read.
Also for all people that are concerned about the Parole Issue w Wisconsin - there is an update for you to read. Your help is needed.
For more information please contact me at: Marvin D. Wilson
6.B.C.I. 297343
P.O. Box 19033
Green Bay, Wi. 54307

As of now approximately 4000 of Wisconsin's prisoners are under old or new law - thus making them parole eligible after serving 25% of their sentence. These prisoners have been incarcerated before January 1, 2000. Anyone charged with a crime after December 31, 1999 is under the TRUTH-IN-SENTENCING laws in which they get no parole eligibility date. They do day for day. If they get 40 years, they have to do every day of it. However, under the old or new law/pre-truth-in sentencing, a person with 40 years is eligible for release after serving 10 years

However, the Wisconsin parole board is not releasing these old or new law prisoners. The parole board is warehousing these men and women. It cost approximately $30,000 to keep just one of these parole-eligible people in prison each year. Thus is 1.2 billion dollars a year for these 4000 parole-eligible people to remain incarcerated. And an additional 1.2. billion each additional year they are denied release onto parole supervision where they can contribute to taxes, pay their own bills, buy their own clothes and food etc. (instead of tax-payers doing it for them) if released onto parole supervision. However, republican ex-governor [blacked out] made it so the Wisconsin parole board can just say a routine statement to consecutively "block" parole release. (see parole issues.)

I am asking that the current law of parole being at the parole boards discretion be changed to letting parole be automatic per Wisconsin law of serving 25% of
the sentence before release for all old and new law prisoners to ease overcrowding and save tax-payors 1.2 billion a year.

I am also asking that you write to your legislators and senators etc. about this, get a petition going and possibly file a 4000 person's class action lawsuit on the issue - because there is a Due Process and Liberty Interest issue at hand with these 4000 "people" being continuously incarcerated when Wisconsin law says serving 25% of your sentence is sufficient time served for release.

Lawyers, activists and all concerned citizens your help is needed and welcomed.
Please contact me at:

Marvin D. Wilson
G.B.C.I. 297343
P.O. Box 19033
Green Bay, WI. 54307

Does the u.s. government or other men and women have jurisdiction or authority over you?

The declaration of independence and u.s. constitution are, supposedly, settlement agreements between every citizen in the u.s. and they, like any other contract, are subject to contractual laws. A SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT IS A CONTRACT. The u.s. constitution along with state laws, is a contract in which non of us ever signed to abide to.


According to the above, a contract must be agreed to and signed by every citizen (all parties) before it can be enforced. The u.s, constitution and state laws are arbitrary laws that are being enforced upon us without a contract being signed. So prison sentences, fines taxes etc. are all illegal. If we look at the contract (laws) language, we can see that the people that make the laws intent is to imprison, fine and tax their own fellow citizens,

We have been forced to live inside of an arbitrary political system and boarders by people that oppress their own countrymen and women. Where you don't know a law until the government imprisons, fines or tax you, If you (we) would have signed this constitution that is in full support of slavery i.e. 13th amendment, and state laws stating that you (we) understand what rights we are giving up and the consequences of breaking the laws and agree to "all" laws and stipulations of what the people that run the country have the audacity to call democracy and you want to participate in this economical, racial, educational, political, social, psychological and spiritual oppression, then and only then, could we be a part of and held accountable to the laws that oppress us. Anything else is slavery. Like the u.s. legal system, buying a home, getting a loan or buying a car, you have to agree to certain stipulations of the contract by way of your signature and if a party violates their agreement to the contract it is void! Now let us take a look at the declaration of independence.

1. "That all men are created equal, they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

So what does all of this mean? The above statement is true in the scheme of democracy but is has now been reduced to nothing more than semantics in this imperialist country. We are all created equal and want life, liberty and happiness but the powers that be have made men unequal based on race, religion, or income and reduced what life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is based on their capitalistic crab-in-the-bucket mentality. We are held captive to the powers that be ideology while the declaration of independence states that no man or government can annex a political system around a people that are in "total" opposition to that political ideology, surrounding them inside its laws and expecting them to abide to them (when they don't even know them because they didn't sign any contract agreeing to the laws and policies of the powers that be). Every policy and law the u.s. government have put in place is contrary to Nature and against what the average person believes is right and just.

2. "That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just Power from Consent of the Governed."

Here, you have it again. If men are really created Equal and the laws (social contract) are meant in good intentions, the only way that the politicians and police can have any authority over us is if we gave them consent. I never did and I know most people in this country never did either. Men, racist and sexist men, of over 200 years ago gave their consent and they understood what that meant and that their powers were only temporary and could be taken by the people by force if they abused that power. At those times the politician did not have the military and police as their personal law enforcers. But now the police and military blindly protects the politician's special interest and blindly follows the politician's orders. The politician is all-powerful now!

I (we Black, Chicano, and Natives) never elected or gave consent to homeland security agents, FBI, CIA, ATF, u.s. Marshalls, secret service, local police, or the IRS, that harass me (us) because of our skin color (or how we dress). They are agents of oppression and suppressors of true freedom. If the government needs all of these different repressive agencies "against" its own people, then it is evident that these people did not choose to be a part of this system - it was thrust upon them at birth.

Who would agree to be oppressed be their fellow countrymen? We are treated as the enemy in a country that is supposedly ours. It only shows that no one gave consent for the police agencies to have unchecked authority over you. Only totalitarian nations are built on its unilateral and coercive military and police forces. And this is what is shown of the u.s. with its numerous police and military agencies that only serve the politicians will and not the interest of the people and a civilized society.

The communities, if we can call it one, of non-whites, are so divided ideologically, socially, financially, morally, and racially in this country by government design. The people of these communities have no rights to govern, police, and function their own communities. They have foreign faces to our communities coming into them saying they are law enforcers with guns drawn harassing, chasing, and sometimes planting drugs and weapons on us and even shooting us to death, These so-called law enforcers come with a belief that they are not created equal as all other men when they break laws themselves.

These so-called law enforcers come from a totally different neighborhood, culture, and upbringing but come to a non-white area to enforce their ways, culture, and upbringing on a community that they've already demonized because they come into them with guns drawn just like their white ancestors came to the western hemisphere with guns drawn to enforce white man's "law", culture and way of life onto the Natives communities in the 17th century. How can this be civilized? How can we feel safe when foreigners to our community are policing us and enforcing their laws, culture, ideology, and ways of life on us? We should be the law enforcers for our community. Our neighbors, people that relate and/or care for us, should be our law enforcers based on laws we signed on to live by. Not by their laws they forced upon us. These foreigners have no moral or social connection to our community. These so-called law enforcers see it as a job to hunt and catch the Black guy like a slave catcher, Why should or would we give these foreigners or racist, permission to oppress and mistreat us? The declaration of independence says that the only way another man can get just power is if we, the people, gave consent. However, none of us did. So they really have no power.

3. "That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter, or abolish it and to institute new Government."

When the European colonizers sought freedom and justice from British rule, because they felt that Britain had overstepped its powers, they worked against the system to overthrow Britain's rule. They did not pledge allegiance to Britain while shooting their muskets at British redcoats. The white colonizers felt that they had a right to overthrow British rule. And the ancestors of these white colonizers, today, praise their revolt against what they felt was Britians oppression. But now the u.5. government oppresses its citizens like Britain did and has systematically made laws contrary to the above statement in the declaration of independence and made any form of resistance a crime punishable by life in prison. Thus making the declaration a mockery. The notion is, that white colonizers can steal a nation from its Native people, put the people under its European government rule, to turn around and overthrow its European government implementing its own government (manifest destiny) and no one better try to change this government.

This government oppresses its Black population with poverty, drugs, prisons etc. when it was a Black man naked Crispus Attucks who was the first person to shed his blood and die for the white man in the u.s. freedom from British rule, however, Black people are still marginalized and disfranchised in the u.s. Most people don't even know this important piece of history because it is not favorable to the modern government and their actions. Crispus Attucks should be praised and celebrated by white people for his sacrifice to them, just as white people honor and celebrate George Washington, a racist, who held Black people as slaves.

4. "When a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security."

The u.s. government has a long train of abuses including neglect of certain peoples rights due to their skin color or neighborhood. Destruction of peoples cultures spiritually, educationally, economically, politically and socially in the u.s. and abroad. Exploitation of people in the u.s. and abroad. And politicians ceaselessly in the pursuit of financial special interest at the cost of every "citizen" in the u.s.

That long train of abuses starts with the u.s. government "inheriting" a stolen nation, breaking treaties with the Natives and functioning as a "free" country while holding its Black population as slaves, Black women made into slaves being raped by white men including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson who had children by these Black women and put their own "mulatto" child(ren) into the brutal system of slavery. The Tuskegee experiment where the u.s. government infected Black men with syphilis without their knowledge. Jim-Crow. Public lynchings. Systematic racism in the legal system, politics, and in the workplace.

The u.s. foreign policy that says the u.s. government can do whatever it wants and likes to other countries and the world, Ronald Reagan's wars against South American countries in the 1980's where approximately 100,000 people in S.A were murdered by u.s. forces and/or influence, Reagan selling weapons in backdoor deals to an "enemy country". reagan's war against Black and Chicano people in the inner cities of the u.s. that started in the 1980's that has caused prisons to swell beyond reason, Reagan's "drug war" against these people is the longest-lasting war next to the Seminole wars (from 1736 to 1848) which was also a war against Black people i.e. the Black Indians. This drug war is designed to provide white people in rural all-white areas (plantations) of the country with jobs as prison guards (overseers) and to destroy the u.s. Black population politically so that they lose their "right" to vote, own a gun, certain licenses, etc, even though prisoners in the all-white state of Vermont can still vote while in prison.

The Bush family started 2 illegal wars against the people of Iraq and they were once in alliance with Osama bin Laden in the oil business and assisted bin Laden in the war in the 1980's against Russia but now label him a terrorist because he does not support the u.s. foreign policy. The u.s. patriot act infringes on citizens rights. The u.s. Black men are being shot to death by police and the police are being found not guilty just like in the days of Jim-crow. The u.s. government never apologized for slavery or the systematic murdering of Black civil rights leaders. The u.s. Black population is 128 but the uns, prison population is 50% Black. This is the government's doing.

A new guard is needed because the contract has been violated and is thus null and void!


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