May 2, 2012

We Are Gods

From Lonely Dragon by Donny Welch (author's profile)



We really are, this isn't even a new idea because every religion and philosophy which exist will eventually touch on this simple truth. From Chritianity-Jesus mnetioned this several times to Buddhism-simply put if you create the world around you you'd have to be a God, it comes down to this how can you be the child of a God and not be a God yourself? If we were face to face I could prove it to you rather quickly but we're not so I shall endeavor to do it with words. For your entire life you have been told what you can and cannot do, you have been told how you should and shoudn't live your lie, you have been told what is goos and wha tis evil and you have been told the biggest lie any being in endless history of existence, ever had temerity to voice. Thst you are not andnever could be perfect. You are without a doubt the most perfect you that was ever intended I know this because God told me he told me in almost every religious, spiritual and philosophical text ever written. To be quite honest it's simply common sense, how could an all knowing, perfect god create anything flawed? God loves you so much he spent billions of years designing you and he took a part himself to give you life, he lives your life with you. every joy, every tear, every orgasm, every hug, every frustration, every jealousy, everything you experience the creator expereiences with you. I know you all heard of the power of positive thinking and most of you probably thought "oh what a nice concept" and then continue living your life in misery. Why don't you try it? I mean seriously try it. I promise you it will work because it works for me and even though i'm a God I am in no way an angel. Take for example placebos! however in test after test when this pill (which is mostly sugar) is offered to a subject and said person is told it will help ther condition, it does? Hw and why does this happen? It's simple, the person believes it so the mind makes it happen. A hypnotist tells a subject that a feather is a flame, and when he touches the subjectd arm a blister forms. This happens every day in our lives and somehow it's dismissed, this power is not always used in a positive way. somepeople use it to punsh themselves or others and this use of our gifts is what mkes life on this planet so miserable and violent. I propose a challenge, hell think about how wonderful ife is and concetrate on knwing you are going to get that one ting you want - concentrate on just 1 thing and the beauth of life, I guarantee you will get it by the end of that period and you will notice that life in general has imporved for everyone around you. If it doesn't work for you, contact me and I'll personally make it up to you for wasting the 6 hr and 5 minues of your year. You have my word of honor on it. But it will work, trust me. Peace Donny


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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