July 8, 2012

A Great American Hero

by Robert Russell (author's profile)


A Great American Hero

I find that time often allows me to better see circumstances and situations for what they are, rather than being tainted by feelings, which can sometimes lie to us. I remember times when life seemed so confusing, nothing much made sense. My mom can relate to that I'm sure.

She has shared with me a time in her life when things were out of control. She was very young when she was married and brought my sister and I into this world. This was back in the 60's and pretty much everything, from what I've read, was out of control. :) So this young woman who faced a huge amount of responsibilities in her own private life and world out of control came to a place that she had to make some seriously hard choices.

Just as my mom can no doubt relate to confusing times, I can relate to circumstances when just about every aspect of my life and those in it were just wrong for so many reasons. But I always seemed to believe that "things would work themselves out." That seldom works!

How many people would have the strength to cut off ties with the world they know, all the friendships, coping strategies, and basically all they have become accustomed to. My mom did just that. She was on the ride of the 60's, enough said right. She decided that she could not go on, in large part for her children's sake. She made a decision that took away her freedom in the beginning to gain her freedom in the end.

There are many self-help books and programs out there, she had none of that. She said a prayer of faith, committed to be submitted and began a long journey of discovering life on life's terms. A young woman who gives up all she knows because she feels she has too. That is strength, courage beyond belief and that's why she is my Hero.


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carol Posted 11 years, 11 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 11 months ago   Favorite
Hello Robert,

I read your posting and I'm so happy you have so much respect for what your mother has been through.

She is a great inspiration for you!

I don't know your circumstances, nor do I need to....I just hope you follow her lead if thats what you need to do. She sounds like an awesome mother, therefore, I'm sure you are an awesome son.

We all make mistakes, we just have to learn from them. Try to keep a positive attitude! I know it's not easy, but it's doable no matter where you are. Just think of some of our prisoners of war and how they sustained in order to come home.

I'm saying keep positive, because I practice it myself. Life hasn't always been easy for me but we have to find a way to move forward, even when it seems impossible. Staying positive absolutely allows you a better life!

Take care of yourself!
Best wishes,


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