Aug. 31, 2012

Hidden Power

by Thomas Smith (author's profile)


Hidden Power

If you could imagine beauty, something so earthly perfect, I'd say it's a woman. You hear her voice and, for some reason, it does something to you that's unexplainable. Once you see her, no matter how she looks, you try to find in that one instant. You passover her with your eyes to find something about her that would allow you to further your curiosity; no matter how unattractive a woman may seem, we'll always find something beautiful about her. Women are so unknown to us and the rest of the world, and our curiosity of them never tires.

It's almost as if their being is almost unbelievable in a way. They're so fascinating. You have some men wanting to be them or believing that they are. Explaining what makes a woman has a man changing the world or starting wars or becoming pimps to believe with their control over some women, to have untold powers which would be man's greatest weakness—women.

We sometimes abuse them to control them or talk down on them to make them feel worthless or nothing without you. The mental abuse is part of man's way to subdue them. Course, what man doesn't feel strong when he has a woman or is controlling her? If I was to explain power, I'll explain it with one word—women.

Written by Thomas Smith


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