June 25, 2011


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A lot of times, I wonder why this lesson is so hard for me to learn. It's the lesson of surrender. I surrendered to the state of Texas. I surrendered to God. However, I'm still finding things I've got to surrender.

Most days, I get up, do what I have to do to get through these days, and everything optimistic. Every now and then, a wrench is thrown in my day, leaving it all out of whack. It's the wrenches I struggle to surrender.

I'm a fixer. I like to try to deal with my own problems. "Got to be a way to pull the wrench out," I think to myself. Yet if God allowed the wrench, shouldn't I be willing to surrender and accept the wrench being right where it is? You'd think I would be able to, but it's not easy.

Acceptance isn't always easy. Why is this happening to me at this particular time in my life? What can I learn from this? So I'm learning that to surrender I must first be willing to accept the wrench coming in my life.

I have learned to surrender my thoughts that are negative to succumb to positive ones. I know that when we accept things and surrender to God's will. I may not like my wrenches, I just got to surrender to the will of God, as well as accept that's what God will for me at the time.

Frances Whitlock


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jamesmiller Posted 8 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 8 years, 9 months ago   Favorite
frances, i don't think you should surrender to everything that happens in your life. a person should surrender his/her life to God. a lot of other things we should stand firm against. sometimes God will throw things in your path FOR you to stand firm against. the great apostle Paul stated "I have fought the good fight". you should know that as christians, everyday we are in a spiritual battle. so, put on the whole armor of God. keep writting and be blessed.........james

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