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theia Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
I found your first blog to be very interesting! I, too, took ballet, tap, and jazz lessons growing up. I was wondering if you still try to stay active with anything?

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Booboolaboof Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
Hi what's up cuzzo I'm truly happy Regell told me about this blog,... It's really great to know that I can have some form of communication with you at least this way.... I miss and love you so much..... Just awaiting the day to get the word that you will be coming home and getting out of that place.... You continue to hang in there and stay strong ok.... Love, Cyndi

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mad52 Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
Hey, I don't see Roy Masters on your list of spiritual books!

regell Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
Awww... How sweet... I love you too Oscar. Only God knows when you be able to have your freedom and can come home to your family.... Soon my love real soon... Until then we just have to P.U.S.H. ''Pray Until Something Happen''.

I love you and miss U deeply..

Your Wifey,

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wayjay11 Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
JT - Thank you for this valuable reminder about something that is so precious. If only more of us realized how important it is to slow down, appreciate each moment, and make the most of our time here on Earth, I'm sure we would have less suffering.

I hope you are well, and that you'll keep writing!

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alliecat Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
Alliecat wrote a message earlier today and it did not send. I wanted to let you know I saw the ring and hope you will be giving it to me. I can't remember what I said earlier but just "be true to thine self." I don't think you know who was famous and said that. To know you is to truly love you. I'm glad we found each other.

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chris Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
Hey William,

I enjoyed reading your blog letter. That sounds exciting traveling from town to town with no intended destination. Did you meet many other like-minded drifter types on the road as well?

I somewhat envy your experiences, the majority of my life has taken place in the same city (Auckland, New Zealand). And within that city, a busy routine of study, work, friends, food shopping etc renders most of my life playing out in the same couple of neighborhoods.

I'd like to travel more though, especially to America. Lots of our culture here (food, films, music, news etc etc) comes from America. I would like to see how America really is as most of what I know about your country comes from representations in the media or the internet.

I also appreciate good food, especially simple and fresh stuff like pasta and a good salad. What kinds of food do they feed you at the prison?

You mentioned there is very strong religious groups where you are? New Zealand is apparently one of the least religious countries in the world. We still have plenty of religious groups, but religion here seems to be on more of a personal, individual basis. You don't often hear of any religious groups trying to impose their beliefs on others. The more fundamentalist believers seem to only come out late on a Friday night holding up signs about doomsday. But they are a very small group and don't really have any real influence over others.

Do religious groups have a presence in the prison at all?

Thanks for reading, take care


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chris Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
Hello Oscar,

My name is Chris, I like your view on C's and D's. You are right in that a person can respond to things in different ways, it could be by giggling, getting mad or a range of other emotions. I agree in that there is always a choice to be made by a person in any situation they may find them self in. Part of this is recognizing which response will help them to make the most of a situation, or to find the response that gives them the most happiness. Whether that means learning from mistakes, giggling at farts, or taking time to enjoy the taste of food, there is always something to enjoy in life.

On another note, you mention that God created us. If human life is all about making choices and decisions, do you think some decisions have already been made for us by God?

I do not believe in God personally, but I am interested to hear your thoughts.

Take care


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Saorise1888 Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
Hey Oscar nice post makes lot of sense i only truly get into all this Creator stuff for real recent though is lots of signs all tru mi life now i realise more to do with Yeshua/Jeasus. also to do with shaman and druids. i get bit worried lately if i well astray cant fathom the truth propa. been looking for a rule book lol i may as well go back on drugs if i want be a slaave:P I take it as a good sign a la syncronicity in the celestine prophecy book i was led to this when i come check if guy laron i write has a blog and bear in mind how u say is not specific rule book. i know the kolbrin bible is alsso meant be with jeasus and is half the blk egyptians haalf irish druids so maybe is all compatible. i often think if we in mystery babylon is need look clues everywhere. Is beltane tonight a druid festival i try celebrate it and blaze listen some reggae read my bible and qu'ran too. one mi cat name is oscar so meow fromhim and may the love of the One infinite Creator blesss you @-)

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Resah Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
X-Ray, your work is beautiful. Both the written words and the artwork. May the ancestors and the Creator continue to bless and strengthen you. Peace...

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