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Puccesca Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
People who are unpleasant, annoying, frightening, or just mean, often also have some surprising, unexpected goodness in them, too. People aren't always willing to see the goodness, though, because that takes a little effort, and makes it much harder to slap a label on someone and then just forget about them. I wonder about you, about who you are and what your world is like. I try to imagine it, and what it is like for you. That's not a really strong connection between us, and maybe it's just a passing connection, but it's a connection. You've reached someone.

Saorise1888 Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
Hi Daniel thats an amazing blog i too tired to take it all in now but just wanted drop a quick comment. Maybe no-one wrote you yet cos is a bit too much knowledge to grasp and got overwhelmed:-) Me too. I been bit crazy in mi life but i starting to realise craziest thing i ever done was go see these psychatrists take their drugs and listen to their mostly nonsensical ideas. I would have been a lot better off come on here read your blog and others like it. Sorry to hear you feeling isolated, me 2 cos i got myself into isolation/depression and kept moving away try cut ties to get away from street drugs. Tho i only in an invisible prison with bars mostly of mi own making so at least i got the opportunity to get mi head sorted get back out in the world more. I trying to figure mi path i down with yeshua/jeasus and the budda too who you like. Im thinking maybe i go the shaman route cos i hear lots of them do isolation thing for preparation so done part of it and it does seem kinda familiar too if u get how i mean. I think its amazing what your trying to do for yourself and other imates props to you. I gonna try and write you sometime the guy i write too who told me about this site is called LaRon so half his name is same as your brothers Ron and bridgewater in your address is same name as a kids home i was in in Oz. the country not the tv show about prison lol. I cant read the post code and prison number clearly but i try send a card or something see if you receive it. I learn about these syncronicitys in that celestine prophecy book. Stay Blessed and thanks for a very inspiring read.

Saorise1888 Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
Hey LaRon great blog babe some of this art teachers remind me how they say about some these music critics eg that they dont have much talent but wish they did so they try put down ppl who do whether consciously or subconsciously. It must been harsh that happening to you when you were young but if is part of the reason why u ended up not learning art formally but done it self taught then is like a positive in it too cos your art rocks. I think if get too much official learning can stop the flow of creativity and as you seem to flow like tao could have ended up better off. I start think the only thing i done right in this life was mess up mi formal educations but i seem to have picked up a few things here and there. I did do some school college and even uni but never stuck at it long prefering to also be autodicdatic /self taught. I always thought Bob Marley lyric - building church and university trying to brainwash educate i made a lot of sense. Its amazing how you managed rehabilitate yourself so much despite being in a place designed to not allow that. I replying your letter u rite mi address not changed. Stay Blessed, Michelle

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Quetta100 Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
Hey cousin I looked for you a couple years ago I will write you soon or get a message to you my boyfriend is in the same facility keep your head up I love you

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Puccesca Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
The discussion of sleep and brain activity during sleep was very interesting to me. I'm not sure I understood the connection between biological factors and nightmares, but maybe I'll research that a little, because it is an intriguing idea. Thanks for posting.
~ Puccesca

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Puccesca Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
It is always a little lonely when you have a passion for something that no one else quite shares. The more you share yours though, the more those around you will start to see and understand your vision. They may never see as much as you do, but remember that everyone has to find their own way in life and no two people have the same path. Good luck to you.

sugarbaby Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite

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sugarbaby Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite

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DBOLTON42 Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
Heallo i thought i would never get a change to communicate with you. I am excited to have this however a way to reach out to you. I miss you so very much and I also hope that you know that i love you and miss you will all my heart...i hope to see you very soon.

your cousin

Daphne Bolton-Daye

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vdruhe Posted 10 years ago.   Favorite
Hi, Kyle -

I'm just getting a first look at your blog. I enjoyed this post. Your life requires you to live more honestly than many of us have to. I am glad to get a reminder of that. Like a splash of ice water on the face -- it wakes me up!

Carry on! VA

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