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Lilysasy Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago.   Favorite
I just reading through the 'BLOGS " Not even even hearing of the word before. Looking up a charge me friend got in trouble for. Here I came across this BLOG and found myself hour or so later still reading. I totally agree with what you talking about. MUSIC for me and reading what you say. Music Expresses how I'm feeling through the songs lyrics. I'm mood makes me pick the song. The song speaks for me. I sit down in a room with others. I feel the energy throughout the room. That energy picked that song. If someone is around without me speaking. The song I picked says it all to whom is there. My mood can change at any given moment. Before cancer I did listen to music a lot more. I still do but I have TV involved in my life at 50. Little sooner than I planned. Not my choice believe it. I say TV because I never watched it before up til 1 year ago. 3 years only have 5 to live I'm told . Then 2 years but 3 in so I just get up every day but not as long as 4 months ago. I gotta lay down more. I hate that. As I'm sure you hate a lot of things too? No choice sucks you agree? I got a death sentence maybe I did someone wrong and deserved cancer. Sorry off track for a minute. I don't know you as you don't me. Maybe you'll get this and just know I did read your blog. Weird word blog. If you write me then I'll keep in touch with you. Glad you got a radio. Food sucks though huh?

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William Goehler Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago.   Favorite
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Kelly Jones Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago.   Favorite
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William Goehler Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago.   Favorite
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Conrand Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago.   Favorite
Hello and love in Christ Jesus to a precious Saint!
I was ecstatic to hear the time is, at the very least, getting much closer to your release!!! Hey...I must have hung out with you enough in prison that I am picking up on your unique gift of poetry!!! In case u didn't notice...the last sentence rhymed!
I want to thank you for the BD card! To say it meant an awful lot is to put it mildly. Again, thank you for thinking of me. The past year plus...has been a blur and a challenge. Could you please share the date of your BD with me again?
I was staying in touch, rather infrequent, but at least occasionally with Shirley.
When my phone died along with losing half of my contacts, Shirley being one of them, so I haven't passed your info along yet. I will look for my old phone and see if I can get it charged enough to find her and pass this along., tell me...have you been released yet? I was going to say...been set free, but the answer to that is a BIG "YES"...FREE, INDEED!!
We have been blessed, in March and April, to have our really dear friends (from back home) come for a visit. You may remember my testimony about Marlene...always with a smile and twinkle in her eye...which...YUK...till I needed to reach out to her. She is part of my testimony. Also, my aunt and uncle just left. They are going to be staying in a town nearby for a couple weeks, though. We are hoping to spend tomorrow with them at that fav vacation spot.
I don't hav er too much to say other than...I pray you will not go "into shock" when you see how much our country (and world) has changed since you were out and about.
Murphy...stay close, very close, to Jesus!! Satan is really roaming about like a lion looking for whomever he can devour!!! People need our Jesus! We are finding that as we go to the streets to hand out Bibles and Bible are rarely told "no". Praise God! Please let me know how you are doing...and if there is anything you want me to pray for.
Bless you, dear one!! Jesus loves you and wants yo continue to use you...GREATLY!!! You were born (and released) for"such a time as this!"
Blessings and love in Christ,

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Julia Posted 1 month, 4 weeks ago.   Favorite
Dear Robert,
why not send you some poems, while hoping all is well with you! This time by the poet Erich Fried, who I always thought is a German poet but happens to be Austrian and Jewish and having fled to England from the Nazis, English too, probably...
His most famous poems is this one:

What It Is
by Erich Fried

It is nonsense
says reason.
It is what it is
says Love.

It is a dangerous
says discretion.
It is terrifying
says fear.
It is hopeless
says insight.
It is what it is
says Love.

It is ludicrous
says pride.
It is reckless
says caution.
It is impractical
says experience.
It is what it is
says Love.


Of this one I have a memory of elementary school, maybe we read it there?

by Erich Fried

The boys
throw stones
at the frogs
in jest.

The frogs
in earnest.

It is a lesson in perspective, no doubt.

Warm greetings,

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Jayaims@1 Posted 2 months ago.   Favorite
Nice in your face realism. The depth of which some may never realize without having lived it.
--Jayaims N. Stevens

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laurenmgood Posted 2 months ago.   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post. This was such an amazing read - I enjoyed reading your review so much and I'm so glad you enjoyed the anthology. As a younger feminist myself, reading this review makes me want to do more reading on these topics and educate myself even more. I love your passion for feminism. Hope you're doing well :)

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laurenmgood Posted 2 months ago.   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post. Hope you're doing well.
~Lauren :)

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taylordicicco Posted 2 months ago.   Favorite
You were part of the United States Senate in 1993, when Newt Gingrich, Leader of the House of Representatives, and President Bill Clinton cut deals; and a particular bill was enacted called: "The Violent Crime Control Law Enforcement Act" or (VCCEA), codified also as 42 U.S.C.SS 13701(e), I believe? And you probably voted for this bill. This bill made available to states money for construction and improvement of correction facilities. This bill further required the states to demonstrate that they have since 1993 and beyond increased the percentage of persons arrested for certain crimes, sentenced to prison; or increased prison time served by the prisoners for certain crimes by 85%, in order to that money. PLEASE SIR TRY TO FIX THAT MISTAKE!

Mr. President, this bill allows all the systemic racial injustices in the State Judicial System to flourish; this bill also paved the way for other Certain Prisoners Incarcerated), one can see which groups are kept incarcerated. This bill also, is the source of the "TRUTH-IN-SENTENCE," law in Wisconisn, a law that certain racist republican judges use to punish blacks, browns, and other groups they do not like. Today, the Wisconsin Republican Legislature refuses to loosen that law; although every other states who took advantage of the language of the VCCLEA, to enact Truth-In-Sentencing; they have found that Truth-In-Sentencing is the reason for the over-crowding of their prisons. And they repealed that law; or repealed certain aspects of the law to release people who were sentenced under the "TRUTH-IN-SENTENCE," and are serving lengthy sentences. But Wisconsin will not for any reason repeal that law!

However, Mr. President, there is yet another law, when you were in the U.S. Senate, that is keeping us incarcerated; I hope you did not vote for it. This law is the "Anti-Terrorist And Death Penalty Act" or the AEDPA, which was codified as to amend, and modify Title 28 U.S.C. XX 2241-2255, this law which came from a cluster of laws required by the Republicans and Speaker Gingrich, in 1994, in order to make a deal with Bill Clinton and the Democrats. PLEASE SIR FIX THAT MISTAKE TOO! THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MADE THAT LAW. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD FIX IT TOO!

This law (The AEDPA), watered-down the original State Habeas-Corpus, with which the federal judges used to use to remedy the wrongs done by the State courts. No longer does the remedy available is adequate. Because, the law ties the hands of the federal judges, who used to get to heart of the real matter by requesting all the state transcripts, as a vital too that enable them to discover errors made by state judges, who are employees of the State, don't usually care and allow those systemic injustices to take root, and flourish. The AEDPA also orders the federal judges to "ONLY FIND SPECIFIC ERRORS"; in contrast, to the old State Habeus-Corpus, which gave the federal judges full judicial powers over the State criminal case. As an example in my crimi

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