April 1, 2011
by Harry L. Gant (author's profile)


Hello, friend I am 53 years of age and a black man. Born, raised in Indpls, graduated from High school, ITT Technical Institute. I am 6'2 1/2, 250 lbs, smooth dark chocolate brown complexion, salt, pepper hair, mustache, low hair style. Profession - refurbishing residential homes, apartment. I am an outgoing guy, is very refined when it comes to both women and food. I am romantic and loves to treat a lady like a queen. I am loyal and faithful because I value faithfulness and want it to be the center of my partner's world, literally and symbolically. I am looking for a penpal, and I am looking for love and is willing to wait for love. My hobbies are varied from sports to chess. My spare time, I enjoy theater, traveling and reading and cooking. I am outgoing, competitive and up for any- I loves children and being a mentor to them. "Are there any nice women left in the world?" whom wants to establish a friendship, so that I can lavish her with real love, comfort and a solid plan to shelter her with or without children, to shelter them from the dangers of life. I have a special quality of love, friendship and giving of myself, of listening, would love to hear hear about your hopes, dreams, aspirations, all of your life changing moments. I am a Christian.

I am currently doing time at Redgranite Correctional Institution Id # Harry L. Gant 395544 F.S. 285 Redgranite, WI 54970-925 I am wrongly convicted because of my race of being a black man. During my trial, the trial judge, prosecutor, court-appointed lawyer all stated in the transcripts, records my jury instruction contained constitutional violations of multiplicity, double jeopardy, were the wrong instructions and were inadequate. The jury was made up of family, friends of prosecutor, judge, the jury was told by the prosecutor "her witness can't accurately recall the events, the jury admitted a black man cannot get justice in this state. Yet the world have seen the citizens of this state cry and demand their rights over the Gov. Walker's budget, yet my presiding judge "stated before trial "I will try and preside impartially during this trial." And their state, appellate courts ignored their own laws and that of the federal constitution to deny my due process, equal protection rights under the United States Constitution.

I would like the support of anyone who is outraged by this state's illegal, unconstitutional denial of my liberty and of property, without affording me due process, equal protection of their own, of federal laws.

I can provide proof of these facts, by trial transcripts, court records, memorializations of the trial, appellate judges, of the prosecuting attorney, court-appointed attorney.

My trial, appeal was such a sham, mockery of justice, that the lead detective in my case testified that "he falsified his police report, offered perjury at preliminary hearing and at trial, that he violated the discovery of the defense.

I pray that I can reach a couple of people whom has compassion, is outraged for the state of Wisconsin to use its mighty power to deny me my constitutional rights.

It is pathetic that this could happen in the so called land of liberty and justice and in a state whom own demoncratic senators fled to the state of Chicago, stating they were protecting the rights of their constituents. I am now thinking of those I love, those whom I might want to help me, whom seem to care. Thank you for your time, effort in this matter.

Sincerely, Harry L. Grant


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